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November 6, 2017

The long drive south :-(

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What a peach of a day Sunday was, not the all day ‘wall to wall’ sunshine promised by XC but pretty much so from breakfast onwards. No posting Saturday because I actually managed to stay in bed until 7:15!!! Whereupon I got straight up and set off to meet my mate down the Torran track at 8:00 and that wasn’t a great day weather wise. In fact it was pretty wet and must have been so overnight cos the track was quite wet and mushy in places.


Saturday’s choice of road works was a spot where water rises right in the middle of it around 200m past the Arnish Torran ‘border fence’. It’s a part of the track that is permanently wet at the best of times and during the ‘rainy season’ it’s positively mush. Apparently it always has been so rather than keep adding rocks to the ‘porridge’ like we’ve done in the past, we decided to dig it out and put some pipes in.

  P1120643 P1120644 P1120646

The job took much longer than expected despite the extra pairs of hands or probably because of.

P1120647 P1120648 P1120649

I guess it was cos we were such a long way from the car park and our pile of sub base. The wee dumper could only be half filled due to the steepness of the hills so we had to do a lot of journeys up and down the path. Still we got it done, though the constant showers and wet sub base meant it was just as mushy when we’d finished Sad smile Still, it’ll dry out eventually I guess.


After an hour or so down the track we called time on the road works for now, the showers stopped whilst we were having a 10:00am breakfast and after that I started cleaning the dumper.


It’ll be going south shortly so I gave it a good power washing and filled it up with Vimto, not that it used much diesel, the little three cylinder Kubota was exceedingly frugal and probably only used 15lts the whole time we had it.

With the forecast being so good I chose to mix another slab of concrete on my own ‘car park’ and was all ready to do so by 11:00.


That went ‘pear shaped when the cheap eBay plastic wheel exploded on my wheel barrow!! I kid you not, whilst getting ready for my mixing I noticed the tyre was flat on me barrow. Having a spare wheel I thought it would be quicker just to swap it rather than repair the puncture. Now the cheap Chinese tyre says quite clearly on both the tyre and wheel ‘Max pressure 35psi or 2bar’. Now I dunno whether my gauge is faulty or the plastic was weak with the cold weather, or it was just plain Chinese carp but shortly after inflating to said pressure the wheel exploded!!!! It was laid on the ground beside me, just as I was removing the old wheel and what a fright I got, it went with a helluva bang. The inner tube had a massive hole in it and the rim had a large chunk out of it, so time for ‘plan B’ and the puncture repair outfit on the original wheel.

P1120660 P1120661 P1120662

I finally started mixing the 2 ton load at midday and despite a wee accident with the mixer got finished around 5:00pm, mainly cos I stopped for an hour for lunch. That was a ‘bad move’ cos it meant I didn’t have time to take the dumper south and now have to do it this morning Sad smile Yesterday it was clear, dry and the wind was from the north. This morning it’s dark, there’s a good force 7 of south wind that’s gonna be in my face and rain is on the way Sad smile

I guess I better just finish this, my coffee, wrap up and go.

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