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August 22, 2017

Just Rambling :-)

Well, that’s it, another fortnight aboard the good ship Hallaig has flashed before my eyes and the nights are starting to draw in. I’m still commuting between sunrise and sunset during the week.


Saturday is a different story though and by the time I’m back at work in September there’ll be a big difference I’m sure. It’s never a drag at work, the two weeks fly by and I’ve a whole fortnight off to look forward too. Mind you, the ‘to do’ list is so long that I’m not actually sure what I’m gonna tackle first, perhaps a little concrete mixing tomorrow for the day ahead looks good. Well if the forecast is to be believed that is, apparently it’s gonna pish down through the night and be fine and sunny tomorrow.

Anyway, that’s me just chillin’ with a glass of fine red wine donated by a grateful motorist who needed a ‘jump’ recently and with not much to report for today I’m just gonna trawl through my  camera.

This will be last Sunday’s anchor drill in a deep muddy hole to the north of North Bay, we just let out 4 ‘shackles’ each ‘shackle’ being 15 fathom, 90’ or 27m, whichever you prefer.

P1110877 P1110876

Here we have a cat and the wee rabbit that it just released from it’s jaws.


The rabbit ran off shortly after with the moggy in hot pursuit.

P1110916 P1110915

This will be my wee pal Bonzo who I walk regularly for a friend in the village. Dunno the name of his cat right enough but it does look very comfortable atop the warm radio Smile


This will be Majestic Lines MV Glen Etive heading south. She was built recently for her owners by Ardmaleish Boat Builders on Rothesay . I spent many a dry docking at Ardmaleish with the MV Loch Striven and saw them build some fine steel boats too. Ewan Ferguson has a good team there and seems to plough all his money back into the business which has the last ‘Patent Slips’ on the Clyde


Here’s another Majestic line vessel, the MV Glen Massan, this one heading north a few days later. The Massan and Tarsan being converted wooden fishing boats rather than steel new builds.

Duck eggs now available on Raasay so treated me shipmates to boiled duck egg and ‘soldiers’ one morning.

P1110918 P1110917

Long range views of the Storr on Skye taken from the ferry,




I just couldn’t make my mind up which one to use Smile

My mate Bill Cowie from Rona coming to collect the ‘Grump Digger Driver’ from Raasay.

P1110941 P1110942

Hugh Mackay is no stranger to this part of the world and has done the founds for just about everything on Raasay and Rona.

100812 002 080812 003

That’ll be him hard at it here at Sonas

and here on Bill’s amazing house on Rona.

210111 012

Some things never change, here he is in 2008 Smile


MV Hallaig ‘doing a twirl’ at Sconser.

P1110951 P1110953

Fresh livestock arriving on the ferry and some fine ‘iron age’ pigs . I’ve always fancied a couple of these wild boar/Tamworth crosses but just never quite managed to get any. After seeing these two fine girls I’m gonna redouble my efforts.

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