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July 20, 2017

Far better than expected :-)

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Well, that’s the halfway mark of the ‘fortnight on’ passed by without a hitch, well apart from the ‘near misses’ with all the ‘17 plate’ hire cars on the roads and on the ferry. I sure am glad that my 11 mile commute is at the relatively quiet time of day, trouble is at 6:30AM and 7:30PM any car I’m likely to meet is usually ‘off their guard’.

A bit of painting

The last couple  of days has seen us frantically trying to get an area on deck 3 painted.


The two good days that were promised came and went with today look set to pish with rain late morning and howl with a good hash of south east wind in the afternoon. Well thankfully that never happened and progress was better than expected, though yesterday it was not looking good. Yours truly ‘cocked up’ big time when he added the wrong hardener to the primer Sad smile The International aluminium primer that usually ‘goes off’ in minutes was still tacky as we left the vessel at 19:40.


Fortunately by this morning it was dry enough to paint over and the rain held off well into the night. In fact it was a ‘pure peach’ of day with that lovely east south east breeze. Far nicer than the hot and sticky Tuesday that preceded today.

A few trucks

Yesterday saw one of Ewan M Bowman’s well kept vehicles


and today we had one of Eyre Plant’s Scanias


and of course the ‘scuffy wagon’.


Home at last

The day was beautiful right enough but as evening approached and the temperature dropped it was even better as the sun lowered and put the eastern sloes of Ben Tianavaig into shade.


The Braes fish farm, Ben Tianavaig and in the distance the Storr.


Hallaig and Glamaig.

As usual I was home just around 20:00 but prior to going in the house I went to check on our new ‘table birds’.


This is the first time they’ve managed to get up on the perches and the other hens were watching them with great interest. We’ll be keeping these separate from the older ones cos I guess we’ll be feeding them more but it’s good they can see each other, at least that’s what we’ve found in the past.

P1110624 P1110625P1110626

The Storr and its ‘Old Man’ at 6:30 this morning with the ‘White Face’ and Brochel Bay a little later


and the ‘Long Rock’ at Oskaig near the end of the trip to work.


The clam diving boat Donna Marie below the cliffs at Braes, a favourite spot of mine, especially on the flood which sweeps you nicely south eastwards along the edge and towards the Rainy Rocks. The ebb tends to push you more northerly into deeper water.

The Squadron Leader departed and the Man From Gourock arrived, though I guess that now I’ll have to call him summat else cos he’s moved house Smile

P1110637 P1110638

Always good to see him cos we can talk caravans Smile How sad is that Smile

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