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July 17, 2017

Two little girls

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Having survived another day of ‘17 Plate’ hire cars piloted by people who clearly cannot drive what I really need is a large glass of red to calm my nerves, but that’s not going to happen, on a working day at least. Seriously, you really are taking ‘you life in your hands’ at this time of year on highland roads and ferries. I really must start videoing some of the antics at Sconser, it’s frightening when it’s not funny. People stopping dead in a 60MPH zone to take pictures of the ferry, cars driving the wrong way down the carriageway, ignoring the no entry sign, jumping the queue, parking in the ferry lanes then disappearing for hours, even days!!!! I kid you not. And that’s before they get on the ferry, you would have thought that a flattened palm in front of any windscreen was an international signal to stop, clearly not judging by the number close shaves I’ve had recently.

So, not being able to calm myself with alcohol I thought I’d bash away on here for a wee while and try and get back into this blogging carry on. I’ve still no Internet right enough so there’ll be no links and it won’t go out until Monday but ‘hey ho’ I’ll give it a go. It’s Sunday and the miserable day that was prophesied didn’t actually materialize until after 17:00 and on the whole it has been a bright if not breezy day. At least the bits I’ve seen of it have been and it actually started out lovely.

P1110585 P1110586 P1110587

My first job being to feed the two ‘diggers’ that we got last week, Lulu and Cilla are Large Black x Old Spot gilts we got to fatten for Christmas. The wee girls are pure beauties and I’ve never had a pair so enthusiastic about digging. They are about the same size as Molly and already they are grubbing away like a pair of rotovators. Funny thing about pigs, some pigs dig and some pigs don’t, sure they all root using that snout like a shovel but some are just playing at it, well these two are very serious I can tell you.


After Lulu and Cilla I went to check on the new ‘table birds’ that we just got off ‘Donald the Hen’ over in Struan. Sure we’ve pulled the odd cockerels neck for dinner but these are the first birds that we have bought specially to rear for meat. They are called Sassos and should reach around 8lb in 12 weeks so ‘watch this space’ as they say.

After that it was off to work early so I could check my emails or at least the ones that have not vanished. I went online yesterday to discover nothing older than 14 days!!!!! Years of them just vanished from Thunderbird, Yahoo and the Windoze 10 client Sad smile They were there in the morning but after a Windoze or Dell update they just disappeared. Most of them still appear to be on the hard drive of my other laptop but heaven knows how I get them off there without losing them. Sure I’ve looked online but most of what I read is gobbledegook to me.

At work it was the usual busy summer Sunday and of course ‘BIG BREAKFAST’ which gave me the first taste of Ozzie and Django sausages Smile


And there is still room in the freezer for some scallops Smile

Once the breakfast and midday sailing were out of the way it was time for the regular anchor and boat drill and my favourite one, the monthly ‘black out’. I just love blacking out the ship Smile

P1110597 P1110598

I seem to remember my son’s Xbox once having something called ‘The red ring of death’ well this is the Hallaig’s  version Smile At least it is until that baby on the right automatically ‘kicks in’ the EDG (emergency diesel generator) saves the day Smile Power can be restored and the main DG’s brought back online one at a time.

P1110595 P1110594 P1110596

The 375kW synchronous PMG motors can then be started locally in the event of any communication/power failure with the bridge.

So, after a few ‘near misses’ on the car deck and a late sailing from Sconser, due to an accident on the A82 (no doubt involving a ‘17 plate’ hire car or septuagenarian on a high powered motorcycle) I headed home.


OK, it wasn’t actually like that, that was last week but I forgot to post that picture the other day


and that one.


All taken from the same window as this one, which is a young finch of some kind, not sure which as we get quite a few. This wee chap was daft enough to fly into the window and got stunned for a wee while. So that’s it for now, with my new found enthusiasm for diving and not having any Internet to distract me I’m off to bed to read a chapter or two of Jacques Cousteau’s Silent World, the book I read first in the late secondary school and set me off diving in the first place. 



  1. Hi Paul great to hear your dulcet rapping on the keys, (imaginative part of my brain) once again, it looks like life on the farm things are repeating themselves for a couple of weeks while the summer weather is here.
    In your previous posting you were going on about your internet connection not great again, surely by now with what’s happening on your isle of Raasay some company would have established a quality internet service for the isle with a lucrative business income from you all. Hope you get sorted as we say in Liverpool.

    Comment by Polite Scouser — July 17, 2017 @ 6:46 am

  2. Hi Paul

    Glad you are back. Great news about the additions to your family, though when I read the title of your blog I did wonder whether you had become a grandfather to twins….

    There was a rogue driver on the island when we were over, which the skipper warned us about. Worrying. I did park wrongly a few years ago when waiting for the ferry. The waiting rules had changed when Sconser was done up and I waited where I always had – on the slipway – and was told off by a young crew member!

    The salami was great – thank you – and the eggs disappeared very quickly.



    Comment by Sue — July 17, 2017 @ 7:21 am

    • Hi Sue, sadly that particular car is still on the island, though it was away for a week having a bump repaired!!!! nearly ran me down again yesterday too 😦

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — July 17, 2017 @ 8:00 am

  3. So glad you are back blogging. Love to read of your adventures…

    Comment by SOTW — July 17, 2017 @ 9:54 pm

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