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April 15, 2017

Baltic for Easter :-(

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Awoke to a fresh dusting of snow on the Storr this morning and it’s only 5 degrees outside !!!!


P1110094 P1110093

OK, it is still April and 23 degrees inside the house despite the heating being off but it rarely got this cold in winter. Just typical really innit, all the great spell of weather we’ve had in February and March, then come Easter and it’s pure Baltic.

Clearing up

The physical effort of yesterday had left me aching like I’ve not done in a long while. My regime of taking it easy, doing exercises  for my back every morning and just taking one Tramadol in the morning had paid off. I’ve not had any bother with my back for months. The spell of ‘Tirfing’ up the 15M Hutchinson mast had ‘put paid’ to that though so on Friday I was a little less ‘physical’ and just pottered about clearing up initially.


150417 001 150417 002

Of course Calum the Kubota KX71-3 helps and makes light work of removing the ‘gin poles’ from the mast.

150417 003 150417 004

These I marked at the ‘point of balance’ for future reference, bolted together and swung out of the way in a place where they were easy to lift and swing back into position without having to move the digger again.


Whilst I was there I stuck the 9” bucket on and dug a hole for a strainer post for the 12’ gate that’ll be going here. Again, Calum made light work of a back breaking job.

150417 005

The hardest thing I did all day was mix the concrete for the two gate post but even that wasn’t too much of a chore, my son loaded up the trailer from my ‘stock pile’ with the machine Smile Every household should have at least one small digger Smile

The day was far better than predicted but yet again the ‘April showers’ were ferocious but came with plenty of warning.

 150417 006

This one actually just missed us as it headed in a WSW direction towards Torran.


150417 007

This one later did not and was laden with hail.


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