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January 28, 2017

Robin’s first day at work

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Much as I wanted to take Robin out for a spin on Friday it just didn’t happen, the priority was the ‘ole.

270117 002 270117 004

The ‘ole had filled with water and I’d done some more accurate calculations to try and work out its exact volume down to the water level. This ‘ole was, at first glance much larger than I’d anticipated, rough calculations initially suggesting it could be as much as 14 cubic meters minus all the metalwork. Of course that was assuming it was square, regular and being a little generous. This presented me with a bit of a dilemma, the truck delivering the concrete could only take 12 cube max on a good road and ‘Calum’s road’ is anything but. Not that there was anything wrong with the great mans efforts, just that the council do not maintain it properly!!! So, it was kinda crucial that I worked out exactly how much concrete I needed and try to keep it as little as possible, not for the sake of the money. Just that I wanted it doing in one pour if possible.

260117 017 270117 013

With the top part accurately calculated as far as the water level I set about pumping out with a recently acquired submersible pump that would allegedly pump out a respectable 16 cubic meters an hour. Now this depends on many things, head, temperature, length and type of hose etc so I double checked it by pumping into a 1000lt IBC.

 270117 004 270117 001

Sure enough, at 8 minutes per 1000lts it wasn’t far of 16cube an hour and the ‘ole was emptied in 40 minutes.

All day mixing

With the ‘ole emptied

 270117 012 

I got to thinking that if I could get a couple of cubic meters mixed and poured then that’d leave just 8 or 9 for the batcher.


Sure it wasn’t a task that filled me with joy but it certainly helps when you have the right kit.

270117 014 270117 015

With the coal emptied from my tipping trailer I loaded it up with a ready mixed aggregate using Calum.

270117 016 270117 017

My mate’s ‘Rolls Royce’ pallet providing a superb platform for the electric mixer which was running for at least six hours mixing around 3 tons of concrete. I reckon a good cubic meter at least but won’t know for sure until tomorrow when I pump out the ‘ole again. I just kept going until I ran out of aggregate by which time it was dark.

The new hinge mounting

After that I got on with cutting down the M30 threaded bar to make the hinge supports.

270117 019 270117 021 270117 023

And after all that pumping and mixing the battery bank was still fully charged !!!

270117 025 270117 022

I was most impressed Smile


with the hole filling with water and no more aggregate left for mixing I turned my attention to other things today. Just regular jobs around the croft, repairing fences, cleaning the hen house and tidying up. That was of course until my son awoke, whereupon we both set about dismantling a large pig ark near the old house.

 280117 001 280117 002

At last Robin could start earning her keep Smile

This converted oil tank would be the new home for our next batch of piglets that will be arriving shortly.

280117 003 280117 004

We took it up the barn where we replaced much of the wooden framing that had rotted over the years. This wouldn’t actually be fitted until we got it in place.

280117 006

A nice dry spot amongst the birch trees that would provide shelter for the new inhabitants. However, by now light was fading so we called it a day, outside at least.

280117 007 260117 007 260117 013 260117 014

Me, I set about Robin in the barn, just giving her a good checking over, I was really impressed Smile


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