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January 2, 2017

I think it’s dead :-(

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Not such a great start to the New Year here at the ‘North End’ Sad smile The spell of unfortunate breakdowns continues, following on from the wrecked Yamaha gearbox, the poorly digger and sickly Land Rover, we now have the dead quad.

If you were reading this yesterday then you’d know I was up until the early hours plonking away on here trying to re adjust my body clock. Well that seemed to go quite well and after a finally going to bed as BBC 4 shutdown I arose this morning ‘full of beans’ and ready for a return to normality. Not quite as early as normal but ready and willing to get stuck into my wind turbine base at last. All I needed to do was empty the ‘swimming pool’ and go and check on my hydro turbine first.

111216 001

It was a great start to the morning and  year so far, at least on the weather front so I was wanting to make the most of it. What, with me having been in an alcoholic stupor for the last week Smile So, after feeding the pigs with amazing treats left by the neighbours I headed off to Tarbert to check the Powerspout . It was the trusty old Honda 350 TRX that I took and as soon as I came to the first hill I realized the rear brakes had seized. Nothing abnormal in that, the front ones haven’t worked since 2009 Smile No worries thought I, I’ll sort ‘em out later, probably not one of my better decisions for when I turned off the road to head down to the fank it went a little ‘pear shaped’.

020117 003

The front right hand wheel went over the edge of the track and being rather steep with gravity assisting the quads rapid decent it did not end well. The brakes provided zero retardation of the forward motion and I just leapt off in time as the trusty Honda did several summersaults before landing inside the fank on all four wheels!!!

020117 004 020117 005

The simple half hour job was just about to turn into an all day epic Sad smile For a start the quad is actually wider than the gate into the fank, not only that but it was no longer running and rather bent.

I did manage to get it going and miraculously extricate it from the fank but it died once more before I could drive it back up to the road. I thought that it’s various cartwheels had managed to stir up some water in the fuel tank so headed home for some tools, another quad and my son.

After the walk back in my waders, a cup of tea and relating a sanitized version of my near death experience to the post lady I returned to the quad. After much messing about I traced the fault to a broken wire on the CDI unit, it looks obvious in the picture but that’s after I’d stripped back the loom there. To be honest it was more good luck than pure genius but we did manage to strip back enough insulation to effect a temporary repair.

020117 006 020117 007

Sure the trusty Honda was a little bent but it actually seemed OK,

020117 008

at least that’s what I thought Sad smile  Methinks the Honda is dead Sad smile 

Almost indestructible

Apparently that prat Clarkson did untold things to a Toyota Hi Lux and it just kept going, even after being driven off a block of flats or sent to the North Pole or some such pish. I wouldn’t know coz I can’t stand the man and his childish sidekicks so that probably puts me in a minority of one. I gave up watching the prick in around 1989 when he drove a Porsche from London to Glasgow and said summat about it causing less pollution than dropping a thimble full of petrol on the tarmac. I did like his comment about the leather interior, Led Zeppelin on the stereo and upset vegetarians right enough but I still think the man is an arse.

I mean what other knob would drive a car around Argentina with a registration like this.


Argentine officials and newspapers took offence to Clarkson's number plate, which they said was a 'provocation' and a 'very big offence'. They claimed it was a reference to the the 1982 Falklands conflict

And it’s nowt to do with the fact me granny came from Argentina, the guy is a dick, lots of people died there and a lot of good British veterans got left on the scrap heap with mental health issues.

But I digress Smile the trusty Honda Foreman deserves to be up there with the Hi Lux. Mine was given to me by Bill on Rona some 10 years ago, this was after he’d well and truly abused it from new some six or seven years earlier. Before I even got it, this quad had been lost in a bog, dipped in the sea, struck by lightning, driven on three wheels for weeks and carried tons and tons of loads around the island of Rona. When Bill gave it to me I had to weld the chassis, fit wheel bearings, repair the starter and sort the brakes. A couple of hundred quid later I had a trusty quad that has served me well, but I think its time is up now Sad smile

Back down the ‘ole again

So, after the Dude and I recovered the poor old Honda in a trailer we turned our attention to the wind turbine base and its ‘ole.

020117 009

First off my boy started chopping up those girders from the chalet again.

020117 012

After he’d cut them up I started boring holes in them to attach them to the M20 studs bonded into Scotland.

020117 013 020117 014

I also started doing the only thing more dangerous than welding plus grinding in a puddle in the pishing rain. That’ll be welding and grinding in the pishing rain in a puddle in the dark Smile Methinks I must lead a charmed life Smile 

Location, location, location

Moving the weather station sensors has certainly improved its performance, which just goes to show the importance of correct wind turbine siting.


Just check out how stable todays direction data is compared with that from a couple of days ago.


The last graphs are taken prior to me moving the sensors, the wind wasn’t any more blustery, that’s just the turbulance caused by the house and sensors being mounted too near the ground.

That’ll be the latest Arnish weather.



  1. Happy New Year from California Paul! I’m still a daily reader since 2008. Cheers, Morgan

    Comment by Morgan — January 3, 2017 @ 4:36 am

  2. You have company in the hate Jeremy brigade, I worked with him and he is a nasty piece of work. Bring back Angela Rippon!

    Comment by Ron — January 3, 2017 @ 9:04 am

  3. Hi Paul

    I hear what you say about clarkson and his mates on top gear. However have you seen James May “reassembler” programmes, which are really quite good, interesting and relaxing. Basically in each episode he reassembles something almost from scratch and just talks about it. Tonight’s episode is a food mixer! Perhaps a strange choice of viewing after a day in your workshop. Check it out.

    I’m hoping to get to balmeanach this year.

    Regards Stephen

    Comment by stephenmillward — January 4, 2017 @ 2:42 pm

    • Hi Stephen, hope you do make it up and bring some good weather with you please 🙂 Never so the program but it did look interesting right enough.

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — January 5, 2017 @ 8:25 pm

      • Hopefully at Easter, when weather can be winter or summer. I almost missed the reassembler as I was engrossed boring cylinders are my 1953 lathe.

        Comment by stephenmillward — January 5, 2017 @ 8:53 pm

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