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December 14, 2016

Risky I would say :-)

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Well that’s it, all done for another fortnight at least on the wind turbine front. Tuesday tomorrow and after a spell of visiting the old man in Aultbea I’ll be back at work. Firmly lashed to the mast for another two weeks, though Christmas will break it up nicely and I can get back down me ‘ole Smile


So much for that then, Wednesday now and full day aboard Hallaig under my belt with a pretty productive fortnight behind me. Not that I would have thought that a year or two back when I’d have been dischuffed had I not done it all in a week! Still, managed to get most of the Christmas shopping done, visit me Pop a few times and of course the ‘ole. I am extremely proud of the ‘ole,

121216 014 121216 018

which I reluctantly left on Monday. I’d spent pretty much the whole day down there welding all those steel channel sections together after having either driven them into the ground with the digger or screwed them to the M20 bar. Still by no means finished but I ran out of time, welding rods and cutting discs. Not only that I think I’d used up all my quota of luck for a while, the sanity of electric welding and using 230V power tools whilst ankle deep in water during the rain is questionable. Luckily I never ‘risk assessed’ the job so I’m none the wiser. Still, I washed my ‘lucky underpants’ ready for the next ‘rest period’ Smile

Very thirsty batteries

As usual Monday was a manic day spent ‘finishing off’ and getting ready for the ‘fortnight on’. The first task being a trip to Torran to check my mate’s batteries.

121216 003 121216 004 121216 005

Like myself he uses Rolls 400 series 6V cells though in a 24V configuration rather than my 48V. He was recommended these by Hugh Piggott of after his forklift bank failed. I was so impressed with them that I chose the same cells for Sonas and have so far not been disappointed. Having said that, they do have one serious drawback over 2V traction cells, they use an awful lot of water. I top this bank up every month with a good 5lt of distilled/deionized water and my bank about the same. Whilst my bank is double the size of this it uses less water due to getting worked harder and not sitting at ‘float’ voltage for so long.

It was whilst out on this jaunt that I came across the ‘hunters’

121216 001 121216 006

a brace of jovial Frenchmen with their dogs out for a spot of woodcock shooting. They’re part of a regular contingent that drive over from France every year to Raasay to work their dogs. I think the actual shooting of the bird is just a bonus, the dogs are just desperate to work. With bells around their necks they’re an unusual sound charging about the woods at this time of year.


The spell of dreich, grey, damp weather of late came to an abrupt end on Tuesday, more likely it was Monday night but I’d have been asleep then so missed it. However the morning that greeted me at 6:30 was something else with clear starlit skies and an amazing moonset over the Storr. You’ll just have to trust me on that for by the time I found my camera it had gone.

Still it was a lovely drive down to catch the 7:55 ferry and just as nice heading to Aultbea and back.

131216 024 131216 025

That’ll be Slioch in the Beinn Eighe national park.

131216 029

This will be the ‘North Road’ just around Coulags on the way back.

131216 037

A fishing boat landing its catch at Broadford old pier.

131216 042

The Hallaig ‘on the move’ Winking smile



  1. That’s some base structure Paul!!!

    Comment by v8mbo — December 15, 2016 @ 3:02 pm

    • It’s gonna get even better Robin 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — December 17, 2016 @ 11:43 pm

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