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December 11, 2016

Back down the ‘ole :-)

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Gonna be a little dull tonight peeps on account of me spending much of the day in the hole.

111216 001

After of course I’d pumped it out with the trusty Honda that is. I’m not very good at planning things, they just seem to happen and then organically evolve, this little project being quite typical of my haphazard approach to even a major project like this. I have had a change of plan, mainly in the interests of continuity and my lack of rebar.

Sure, I spent hours digging some out of the long grass yesterday and had great plans to wire it all up in a lighter version of Proven’s own spec.


However, I was a bit short of materiel and came up with a better plan which I’ll go into more detail about tomorrow as it’s a bit complexicated. Anyway this plan involved  good deal more cleaning out of the ‘ole and adding a few more threaded rods into Scotland.

111216 004

Truth is, with all these steel rods firmly bonded into the bedrock and at the very least 20 tons of concrete tied into it, then this mast aint going anywhere. Especially with a large steel frame made out of girders embedded into it too. In actual fact the method I’m using is probably more expensive than using rebar but it’s just that I’m actually using stuff I have ‘in stock’ so to speak. The HIT-RE500 resin is about £50 a pack and I’ve used three already but it’s stuff I had anyway and it has a limited shelf life. Again, steel beams are far more expensive than rebar but I have 8 x 5m ones left over from the burnt out chalet. OK, they’re a wee bit distorted by the intense heat but perfect for burying in concrete.


111216 006 111216 007

So, after cleaning out the ‘ole and bonding three more studs in I set off to the chalet site to hack up some girders using a portable genny and grinder. First thing I was gonna do was make up a  square frame and see how that sits in me ‘ole.

Of course it was pishing with rain by this time and after getting it up to the barn and laying it out I had to make dinner Smile I was thinking it’s about time I started doing the odd Sunday roast specially when the postie was working. It’s all part of my new chilled and ‘laid back’ approach to life Smile 

111216 008 111216 009 111216 017

The frame is 6’ x 5’ in ‘old money’ and made from 6” x 5/16” channel so needs a good 200 amps and some thick rods to weld it with any success. Luckily this little 200A inverter/welder of my mates is just the job and even runs well off a regular 13A plug!!

Roast Arnish pork rolled leg

The leg of pork I roasted after rubbing with olive oil then stabbing it deeply prior to forcing sliced garlic cloves inside. I then sliced an apple and stuffed that under the netting it was rolled in. Then, after covering in tin foil I bunged it in the oven for an hour at Gas Mk6.

The spuds I always boil first for a few minutes prior to draining the pan into another pan to save the water. With the spuds dry I tip olive oil in the pan, replace the lid tightly then give it a good shake to ‘bruise’ them. They then go in the oven with the pork.

Gravy was half the spud water, a stick of celery, a carrot, half an onion all finely chopped then boiled to death with a little veggie stock and frequent ‘collections’ from the joint in the oven. A spud masher gave it all a good bashing and I thickened it a little with some veggie Bisto I found.

After an hour I took the tinfoil off the leg, stuck it back in the oven at the top and cranked it up a bit for half an hour. The spuds came out and sat atop the oven and under the tinfoil to keep warm. With ten minutes to go I chopped up half a dozen mushrooms into four and sliced an apple into the gravy and cooked that for a few minutes.

Apart from not having anything green to go with it I was most impressed, as was the wife, though she’s always impressed with my cooking. Not cos it’s any good, just cos she didn’t have to make it Smile

Back to the welding

111216 010 111216 015 111216 016

And apart from the spell at the chalet with the portable petrol generator it was all down with wind and hydro power Smile In days gone by I always used to fire up the generator to do any welding. I was always under the impression that arc welding was bad for inverters but it would certainly appear not to be the case with modern quality inverters like the Trace, Outback and the Sunny Island I’m using. If anything they appear to produce better welds than the generator, or perhaps I’ve improved with all the practice I’ve had lately on me Land Rover Smile

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