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December 9, 2016

The 12 hour kip!!

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How on earth do you peeps cope in the city!! a couple of rush hours in Inverness and I’m a train wreck Sad smile I must be pure drained from the experience cos I went to bed last night at 19:00 and that’s me just up at 7:05!!! Not that you’d know by looking out the windows cos it’s ‘black as t’ fire back’ as they’d say in Accrington. Well at least they did when I lived there and one thing for sure I’d be ‘an accident waiting to happen’ if I did now. Perhaps it’s an ‘age thing’ but see all that traffic, roundabouts and it being dark plus wet, well it put my stress levels through the roof. And it’s not as if Inverness is particularly busy midweek, even this near Christmas. Not only that but the drivers are noticeably more tolerant than many other towns and cities I’ve driven through. Well, with any luck the boy will be able to do all the driving soon Smile

Bit of a disaster

Anyway, with that out of the way I’ll try and recall what happened yesterday, which shouldn’t be too hard cos it wasn’t a great deal.

  091216 006

Well, the new Panasonic DMC-FZ72 arrived but it wasn’t really photography weather. Just another grey damp sunless day but at least we had a good breeze of wind for the turbine. It was most definitely a day for indoor jobs which suited me just fine as I was wanting to get on with my new turbine base.

091216 007 091216 008

First step being to chop the 1m long M20 A2 stainless threaded rods in half to make up 8 x 500mm long ones for the hinges. The stainless was a bit OTT I guess but it was ‘on offer’ at Screwfix and as cheap as the regular stuff.


091216 009Pad1

That’s them on the left of the drawing, 8 x M20 at 500mm long all nicely set into a sturdy channel base.

091216 010 091216 011

Or so I thought!!!! I knew something was wrong when I went to the container to retrieve the old nuts off the original base and I couldn’t find any M20’s Sad smile Sure enough, I went down to the car park to check my mast and the hinges are M30 studs!!!

Pad3 Pad2

Which not only means that the holes are too big but the spacing is wrong too Sad smile Mine are 80 x 100 and the ones on my mast are 100 x 150. Hmmmmmmm this is going to require a rethink, trouble is, the positioning and height of this hinge is absolutely crucial to the tilting operation.

The centre of the hinge pin has to be in just the right place so that the studs clear the holes in the base without fouling.


So, in a bit of a huff I went next door to the neighbours to look at their generator start module, a Murphy ASM170 which is now obsolete Sad smile Shame cos it’s the same one I use!

Anyway, it’s now just after 8:00 and still dark but the animals need fed and I better head off out and get my ‘thinking cap’ on.

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