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December 7, 2016

Christmas shopping :-(

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Home at last after a spell away in Snecky doing the Christmas shopping, that’s me half way through the fortnight off with not a great deal to show for it. OK, perhaps not quite true cos I’ve been to see me Pop, done the Christmas shopping and helped fit a hydraulic ram on the ferry.

So, where was I? Well, it’s Wednesday the 7th December now and despite being off work for a week I’ve never managed to find the time to scribble a few lines down on here. It’s not through lack of trying right enough, just never seemed to find the time.

That friggin Warn winch drove me to distraction for almost three days, a simple two hour job turning into an epic.

011216 023 031216 016 031216 015

However, finally, after fitting, removing and refitting the winch more times than I care to remember I sorted it. And to be quite honest I’m embarrassed to admit as to what most of the problem was Sad smile In my quest to make things easier I moved the earth lead from the dedicated bolt on the bottom of the motor and used the actual winch mounting bolts on the bumper as the earth lead. Not a good idea as it turned out, so in the end I put on an extra earth lead and ‘all was peachy’.

031216 014 031216 001 031216 003 031216 002

Also spent much time on my Ifor Williams tipping trailer bonding some 3mm steel sheet to the 22mm phenolic ply. Hopefully the other sheet of steel will arrive shortly!!! I ordered 2 but only 1 arrived A ‘picking error’ apparently, how you can accidentally pick and cut 1 x steel sheet instead of 2 was never adequately explained to me though. Sure I can understand someone picking 16 instead of 17, I do it all the time but 1 instead of 2, c’mon guys.


031216 017 031216 018

Sad to say that half way through a fortnight off, the only work that Calum the digger has done is ‘break the bead’ on two tyres for Phoebe!!! I could have bought a tyre changer for much less money Smile

The removal men

Living as we do ‘in the sticks’ life is never straight forward and seldom easy, the arrival of my mate’s bed being a typical case Smile

031216 004 031216 005 031216 013

of yer average delivery to the ‘north end’ Smile

15HP Yamaha woes

Once we had the bed safely ensconced in the schoolhouse we turned our attention to that workhorse of the small outboard motor world the Yamaha 15HP. The two stroke Yamaha 15/9.9HP outboard motor has to be one of the mechanical worlds wonders of the age. A totally reliable, indestructible and economical workhorse of the twentieth century. The 15HP and 9.9HP have identical swept volumes, their only difference being carburettor and ignition settings. Sadly my mates Yam had been left in the hands of ‘landlubbers’ recently and had been well and truly fecked in the tilt mechanism department.

  041216 013 041216 015 041216 014

The tilt bracket had gotten broken and the new one had a much larger hole in it it Sad smile I guess the later versions incorporated a  nylon washer in or summat. Not a great help when you’re a hundred miles from anywhere so we had to improvise. Luckily a some minor surgery with a grinder on an M6 SS spring washer managed to sort it.

Spectacular views from the house Smile

041216 002

Sunday working!!!!

Then there was the unusual wee task of changing  a rather large hydraulic ramp cylinder on the Hallaig’s forward ramp last Sunday. A rather challenging job normally undertaken during dry dock.

 041216 007 041216 008

The task was planned well in advance and I headed down to work early on Sunday on a beautiful morn passing the Storr an Raasay distillery on the way.


041216 018 041216 020 041216 023

Twas a serious job and my ‘back to back’ and I had done all the prep work.

041216 024 041216 026

Even so it wasn’t as straight forward as we’d have liked.

 041216 027

The ‘expertly’ overhauled ram had arrived with defective ‘sphericals’ that needed replacing Sad smile

041216 028 041216 029 041216 030

These needed much demolition to remove them, then the clevis eye needed ‘dressing’ and fresh bushes fitting. Not what you need on a Sunday afternoon really and all easily avoidable!!!!


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  1. Sorry to hear you had to have your sphericals replaced Paul, that and the eye dressing, it all sounds a bit uncomfortable.

    Comment by englishjim — December 8, 2016 @ 5:12 pm

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