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December 2, 2016

Getting nowhere :-(

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It’s been one of those days today, must be the planets misaligned or the runes aren’t working or something. It’s been one of those days where nothing has gone right for myself or darling wife. Me, I spent all day doing something that should have taken two hours and the ‘post lady’ got the mail late and had a PDA failure. All in all not a great start to the ‘rest period’ Smile

So that’s it, I’ve finished work and a new month is upon us, December already and on Monday we’ll have been in Sonas for a whole year so I’ll have to publish some data.

It had been a pretty busy fortnight aboard the good ship Hallaig and to be honest I wasn’t in my usual hurry to ‘abandon ship’ and pass the reins to my ‘back to back’. Much had been going on and a couple of jobs were still unresolved despite me staying on an extra night. Not out of any sense of duty I may add but cos my ‘back to back’ had relieved me for a few hours whilst I’d gone to recover the ‘Old Girl’ To be honest it gave me time to get the Hallaig a little more ‘ship shape’ than normal,

011216 001 011216 002

it’s always the same after the annual docking. No matter how much you clean up at the time there’s always more to do when you’re back ‘on the route’. Those dockyard workers get everywhere and you’re constantly finding nuts, washers, old gaskets and boodly cable ties in little inaccessible corners of the bilges. Those friggin cable ties are the worst, the long hard nylon ends being just perfect for jamming bilge and overboard discharge valves Sad smile

011216 007 011216 006

This will be filling the emergency generator fuel tank two decks above, you can do it all remotely via that mimic on the left but I like to do it manually and watch the fuel flowing in the ‘sight glass’.

All quiet on the western front

It was pretty quiet on the traffic front last shift and to be honest I bet a quarter of the vehicles shipped and certainly most of the commercials were related to the new distillery.

011216 011 011216 012

It’s really starting to take shape now and is going to be a huge boost to the local economy.


011216 004

Hebrides Haulage’s DAF “Island Laird” just being one of the many lorries carrying goods to and from the new project.

011216 008

The old iron ore pier, The Moll and some atmospheric weather over Dunan way.

011216 010

Testing the drencher system, you really do have to make sure all the doors and hatches are closed before you do this Smile


Unusually I came on Wednesday and did the first run before starting my ‘fortnight off’ and heading up the road around 10:00am.

 011216 014 011216 015 011216 017

I stopped at Cnoch am Uan to examine  where we came off the road last Monday and try and move that rock that saved us. That’s it in the first picture and is right on the edge of the tarmac now and I was unable to move it so need to return with my son and a long iron bar. The smaller ones in picture two presented no problem and I couldn’t help but marvel that I’d actually been able to self extract myself from there with the Warn XP9500 winch.

011216 016

Yup, if it hadn’t been for this tree, that rock and my winch things would have turned out very different.

Once home I started work on my Ifor Williams 2t hydraulic tipping trailer, making a new bed for it out of 22mm phenolic ply and 3mm galvanized steel sheet. The ply had arrived via Parcel Force on Saturday, the steel was due on Thursday.

011216 022 011216 020

I also made up and fitted a tow ball to the front bumper as I plan to be making heavy use of this trailer now we have a digger. The front tow hitch makes manoeuvring heavy loads into awkward places far easier, especially in a steamed up vehicle.


Well, this was the day when I pretty much got nowhere!! I rarely use the front winch these days but it has in the past done an awful lot of work and ‘saved my ass’ on numerous occasions. I have however spent quite a lot of money on it over the years, mainly due to water ingress seizing up the brushes. So when it failed last week, fortunately after it had dragged me back on the road, I suspected the usual fault.

   011216 025 011216 026 011216 027

Sure enough, the brushes had stuck, the end cap was full of gunge and one of the brush springs had got so hot that it had lost its temper. Luckily I had an old Land Rover starter motor and after freeing everything off I used that as a replacement.

011216 028 011216 030

A relatively straight forward job you would think, only it isn’t !!!!! I have now had the winch on and off the Land Rover twice and the motor apart four times. I spent the whole friggin day working on the bally thing and it’s still not on the Landy Smile

Ah well, it’s 8:00am now, time to go feed the animals and have another go at that winch, it’s almost daylight now and the chooks will be wanting out.



  1. You want a Goldfish winch… The climate you’re in and the work it does you need something sealed. Use the worn our warn on your trailer and spend a few pennies on a winch that will take a lot of punishment. I’ve used them completely submerged in utter filth and they don’t stop!

    Comment by Matt — December 2, 2016 @ 8:39 am

    • Gosh Matt, my Warn was £700 twelve years ago!! Certainly got going to buy a new winch just yet but I do like the look of their new motors. Looks like one of those would fit my Warn and they’re half the price of Warn motor!! Looks like the brush holders are brass too!!

      Cheers, Paul

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — December 2, 2016 @ 9:41 am

      • I was hoping to give you an excuse to buy a new toy… lol

        Yes they’re suitably spangly inside so it’s certainly an option. With a bit of fettling you could have essentially a new winch at a fraction of the cost with the benefit of upgrading to boot! I have a ComeUp winch that’s proven durable but they’ve released a new version that’s also filth and water proof. Tempting but the 110 rebuild is proving expensive. Especially since the garage roof decided to leak over my huge box of new parts!

        You didn’t include a picture of the fitted front towball… Is it still mounted to the plate? What did you use to brace the rear? I’ve been considering doing the same as sometimes maneuvering even a light trailer load of logs is a back breaking experience.

        Comment by Matt — December 2, 2016 @ 9:47 am

  2. I smiled when I read …”and I was unable to move it so need to return with my son and a long iron bar. ” The picture I imagined was upon return the Dude would lie down and you would use him as a fulcrum to lever with the iron bar.
    This in no way disparages him ; you have respected his privacy so much you barely show him off at all. I can only imagine he has reached the ” big ol’ lazy boy” stage where he sleeps a lot and inhales gallons of milk and mountains of vittles… then retires for a nap and grows another inch.

    Comment by drgeo111 — December 5, 2016 @ 2:05 am

    • he sleeps a lot and inhales gallons of milk and mountains of vittles… then retires for a nap and grows another inch.

      Yup, the ‘vittles’ is muesli but that’s about it, and we moved the rock last night. Just as well as it’s icy this morning 😦

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — December 5, 2016 @ 6:58 am

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