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November 15, 2016

Back to work :-)

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Tuesday morning 6:30, black as ‘the fire back’ outside with no sign of the ‘supermoon’. One thing there was though, as a direct result of the full moon at least was woodcock. Yesterday as my son chauffeured me down the road at 7:00 there was hunners of woodcock to be seen. They always appear at the first full moon in November apparently and I certainly cannot argue with that.

So that’s it, the ‘fortnight off’ is over and this afternoon I relieve my ‘back to back’ for my two weeks aboard Hallaig. I have to say I’m quite looking forward to it. There’s much to be done after the annual overhaul and it’ll be good to not have to make any decisions about what task on the ‘to do’ list I have to tackle next Smile

It’s been a pretty exciting spell off for sure but that’s it now,

 141116 006

I gave ‘Calum’ a good greasing and put him to bed yesterday. Having spent much of the day moving more than 1 mile of PVC ducting from ‘A to B’ !!!


141116 001 141116 002

I have 300 x 6M lengths of this Upnor cable ducting and one day I’ll find a use for it, meanwhile I’ve moved it half a dozen times in the last 7 years. It was left over from when they were blasting for the founds of the new pier and I have successfully used it for hydro turbines in the past. It’s not actually rated for any kind of pressure but I’ve tested it to 10 or 11bar so I’m sure it’ll be just fine so long as it’s buried to protect it from UV degradation. The reason for moving it yet again was so I could get the digger in position to clear a drain and bury the last bit of our water supply. Moving four or five lengths at a time it took me most of the morning.

141116 004 141116 005

Also spent a few hours working on my 2 ton tipping trailer, the bed is pretty ‘goosed’ on it but I plan to repair that so I can use it for hauling rock and sub base until I get a dumper Smile It was of those simple jobs that ended up taking me all afternoon. Gave the chassis and springs a good brushing with old engine oil, fitted a new isolator switch to electric motor, made some new cables up and painted the battery box.

141116 003

Most of it under the supervision of the ‘Tamworth Two’ who are now spending most of their day ‘on the hill’.


141116 009141116 011

Spotted this fine chap whilst driving back from the ferry, of course I only had my pocket camera but he was only around 25M away and quite unperturbed by my presence.

So that’s it really, almost 7:00am now and I’d better be getting ready for my visit to Aultbea to see me Pop. It’s also gonna be my last call at the ‘Whistle Stop Cafe’ until next March Sad smile Gonna really miss my cappuccino there next time I drive to Aultbea that’s for sure.

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