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August 2, 2016

August already!

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Six fifteen in the morning, the sun is out the solar panels already generating and the traps are empty Smile I severely doubt we’ve removed all the local mink now but they certainly have not visited now for a couple of days.

Yesterday was not the sunny day promised by XC weather, in fact it was pretty typical for August in this part of the world, damp, calm, midge infested with the odd shower to boot. Sure enough, as is also quite typical, the evening was lovely, by the time 21:00 came around the sky was at last clear blue. By that time however it was time to head indoors for a couple of glasses of red wine.

010816 010 010816 011

First though, I had to re bait the traps and this time I added a little ‘Mink Gland’ round and about them for good measure. The ‘cage traps’ being set in ditches and covered with bracken and the ‘Fenn traps’ in either boxes like above or screwed to the floor of the now empty section of the hen house. We don’t want any stray cats or ‘wee dugs’ poking their noses in a Fenn trap.

The ‘Rangie’

I have to admit to a rather lacklustre start to the 1st of August, I’ve never been a fan of it. During my years in the motor trade it was always ‘mental’ as people obsessed with ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ or better still overtaking them bought their cars then. Never really understood it myself, the only people that ever seemed to notice the new suffix or prefix were children going on holiday as far as I could gather. Anyway, I once got married on that date in 1980 just so I wouldn’t forget my anniversary, not to mention ensuring I was away from work on the busiest day of the year. It was a W reg as I recall Smile

So after doing the usual rounds in the mist and damp I figured it was time to spend some time on the new ‘love of my life’ B200 VHU, my 1984 Range Rover.

 010816 002 010816 001

Nothing too serious, just removing the plastic sill trims and all the mud flap mounting hardware to start with.

010816 004

Then cleaning and refurbishing some of the rubber window seals and door waist seals I’d collected off eBay over the past few months. Older Range Rover parts are becoming harder and harder to find as these vehicles rocket in value. The rear quarter window seals above now rare as ‘rocking horse pooh’ second hand and over £300 new!!! I got these good used ones for £88 including delivery so was well chuffed. A good clean with war soapy water then several coats of

Nextzett Gummi Pflege / Rubber Care Stick – 100ml
Gummi Pflege provides long lasting protection against freezing for rubber seals in car doors, windows and boots. It also conditions, providing real, deep down protection, helping to prolong the life of rubber seals, gaskets and trims, providing protection against cold, heat and UV radiation from the sun.
Rubber seals around windows and doors often go untreated and deteriorate over the course of time. Usually this is the result of changing temperatures and high UV sunlight exposure. A classic indication of rubber deterioration is when the rubber starts to dry out, crack, or shrink. When this happens the integrity of the seal can become ineffective and fail which can often lead to further problems such as squeaks, whistles, draughts and leaks. Cosmetically, the original luster is lost and the rubber continues to perish.
Unlike many treatments for rubber, Gummi Pflege doesn’t simply buff rubber to look new. Gummi Pflege provides real, deep down protection, helping to prolong the life of rubber seals, gaskets and trims, providing protection against cold, heat and UV radiation from the sun.

Seems to be what all the classic car enthusiasts use and brought up the door waist seals like new.

Off Roading

As the day improved my son and I went down to the beach at Scrapeadale to collect pebbles from the shore to place between the paving stones and house.

010816 005 010816 006

I figured it was about time he learned some ‘off road’ driving techniques now he has his provisional. What I had not realized is just how overgrown it has all gotten down there this last couple of years.


010816 008 010816 007

Indeed, at times we couldn’t actually see the track to the shore and had to get out on more than on occasion to find it.

010816 009

That’s it really, it’s after 7:00am now and time to head off.


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  1. Early start and early blog! Thanks Paul

    Comment by David — August 2, 2016 @ 7:23 am

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