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July 23, 2016

Everything but the mink :-(

Thursday already and the shift is flying by but not just quickly enough for the poor hens that are being steadily picked off by the mink. They’re well cheeky now and are taking them throughout the day, though I’ve never actually seen one I’ve seen various chicken carcasses appear in the fence where they’ve tried dragging them through. Wifey also found the cosiest little mink house you’ve ever seen.

210716 006 210716 007

Looks like at least one of them has been living under this large plastic tub, complete with a tunnel through into the hen run!! The hen lady found it by the smell and buzzing from inside, she lifted it up to find a rather putrid dead hen, or at least hen parts full of maggots. I reckon it had got even too smelly under there for the mink. I moved the trap from under the hen house and set it there with a nice big piece of ham, the morning after most of the ham was away bar one small crumb at the back. I left that there in case he came back and went to work, a couple of hours later Wifey phones me up to tell me there was a crow inside!!!. Dunno how it had even seen the bait, let alone got in the trap. The trap was covered with bracken and the door facing the mink’s tunnel. You just gotta admire the crow’s resourcefulness.

 210716 009

Of course, much of the problem is that there’s so much cover in there for the predators but my son has started cutting that back.

So much for the heat wave

Well, that never happened did it, Saturday now and the good intention of posting on Thursday evening a dim and distant memory, along with the summer.

190716 EPC 026

Sure, we did have some sunshine one day but whilst other parts of the UK have been cooking, we’re still wearing jumpers. OK, not me personally but other members of the crew who have to spend time on deck. Me I’ve a nice warm engine room or two to scuttle down.

To be honest I’m not that fussed, the heaviest rain has been overnight and there has been enough sun on the solar panels to keep us ‘powered up’ and full of hot water. The worst days being Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week with only 6kWh per day from a 4.75kW array Sad smile Still on those three days we’d and extra 20kWh of hydro power Smile 

The wildlife

Sadly I’m without a decent camera at the moment, the old Panasonic DMC FZ48 has died again and whilst the Olympus Tough Stylus is just that, extremely tough, it’s severely lacking in zoom. Shame really cos it’s been an awesome spell for wildlife, sea eagles and golden eagles over Glame.

210716 014 

Unfortunately methinks the eagles had been picking off the young grouse chicks I’d been seeing there almost daily. I know they’re extremely well camouflaged but every day there seemed to be one less.

 210716 004 210716 005

Deer too have been very visible most days with some lovely hinds and a young velvet covered stag here at some place who’s name I can’t pronounce.

The none stop ‘Barbie’

The old mink is still at large, the wee devil now managing to liberate the trap of bait without springing it. Last night my son set it with fresh haddock from Bruchie the fish man, I had told him to use the hot smoked salmon but Wifey wouldn’t let him. Anyway, this time he fastened it it with a cable tie so hopefully his struggling with that will spring the trap. As usual I checked it this morning prior to leaving home but no luck, the little barstewards are supposed to be nocturnal but ours isn’t. Pretty sure he’s as fat as a pig and sleeping at night.

A few nights I’ve arrived home to the pleasant smell of barbequed chicken only to discover it’s the hen incinerator Sad smile They’re pretty stinky right enough until the feathers burn off but after that almost nice. I have a suspicion that my wifey has gone right off barbecues.

Capture 210716 010

This wee newt, I thought it was a lizard first, scuttled out from under the incinerator last time it was in operation. That’s why I thought it was a lizard, closer inspection seems to suggest a newt. I’ve never seen a newt at South Arnish, other than the ones jammed in the water pipe from North Arnish. The well at North Arnish being ‘newt heaven’, there seems to be loads of them there.

The nice days


190716 EPC 022 190716 EPC 023 190716 EPC 024

As you can see, there has been at least one Smile


190716 EPC 025

Brochel bay one fine day in July,


210716 003

The Hallaig and Glamaig with the clam diving boat Creachan Mor, which I guess means Big Rock or perhaps somebodies nickname as in Creachan who is a large man?


210716 002 210716 001 

Anyway, she’s been hard at it this last week in the Raasay Narrows, spending a night or two here and in Portree.

Well done chaps

Not only did Henry  wreck my turbine stator he also put the lights out on Raasay and the ferry off, luckily the Portree lifeboat ‘Stanley Watson Barker’ and her crew came to the rescue.

210716 015

Scottish Hydro Electric generously donating £5000 to the RLNI after the lifeboat took the linesmen over to Raasay when the ferry could not. Many thanks to the ‘Broadford Beano’ for the picture  Smile

Here we have the luxury ‘mini cruise ship’ MV Glen Etive belonging to Majestic Lines


and ‘majestic’ they are indeed. They started off with two converted fishing vessels,


Our cruise ship, Glen Massan, for Argyll and the Inner Hebrides Our cruise ship, Glen Tarsan, for Argyll and the inner Hebrides

The ‘Glen Massan’ and ‘Glen Tarsan’, business must be good because they had the Glen Etive specially built on the Clyde at Ardmaleish Boatyard We used to visit Ardmaleish boat yard every year with the old Loch Striven and I’ve seen first hand some of the boats Euan and his men have built so I’m sure the Glen Etive will be well put together. Some pictures of the build here

Well, that’s it for now,


another 5h1tty day in paradise as they say, view from the ‘office’ 20:00 23/07/2016 Smile



  1. I can see you will be sitting on your time off in a chair with your shotgun waiting on the mink sticking its head out!!

    Comment by v8mbo — July 23, 2016 @ 8:05 pm

  2. When my chooks were being killed by the mink I began to chain the dog in the hen house with the hens at night – and yes i saw it in the daytime too – that was the time the dog got one. I hate minks – they are impossible to trap – In the end the dog killed three of them. And I built a hen house from fort knox. c

    Comment by Cecilia Mary Gunther — July 23, 2016 @ 8:11 pm

  3. Luckily, you will have plenty “eye of newt” when you wish to cast a spell over the mink.

    Comment by drgeo — July 24, 2016 @ 6:39 pm

  4. ‘Creachan’ is either scallop or clam, nothing to do with rock. Hope you’ve got a mink (or more) trapped or shot. I wonder if a bounty is paid for mink, like the money paid per crows head years ago.

    Comment by SOTW — July 26, 2016 @ 2:04 pm

  5. There is a model of Hallaig in the new gallery of the museum in Edinburgh, no sign of miniature crew though.

    Comment by Ron — July 26, 2016 @ 8:26 pm

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