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July 16, 2016

Great weather for ducks :-(

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Well that’s it, nose back to the grinding wheel as they so, though in my case it’s more a case of back to work for a rest Smile Saturday today, the longest day on the ferry and no records broken as regards traffic that’s for sure. It’s been a pure pish day that followed the even pishier one that was Friday, rain, wind and more wind being the order of this spell in mid July.

Hebridean Celtic Festival 2016

Dunno if the tents are still standing at but one of our ‘shipmates’ is there and I’m sure he’ll be having a great time whatever the weather. If it’s windy here you can bet it’s much worse in Stornoway, maybe not quite so wet but certainly breezy.

The few reasonable days we’ve had this month have had us shipping over a hundred vehicles a day, sometimes 140 but as soon as the weather turns the traffic plummets like the barometer. A measly number so far with just one more crossing left, the 21:00 from Sconser and I can’t see that being mobbed.

160716 002 160716 001

A group of bikers arrived on what was probably the busiest ferry at 17:35, the cheery Spanish students leaving in the rain half an hour earlier with a big grin on each of their twenty faces. They were there at Sconser awaiting the 8:25 ferry this morning, the only folk aboard in fact. They were not quite so happy then, the poor souls had just spent the night in the waiting room Sad smile They were due on the 17:35 the previous night but had been held up by an RTA. Sadly this year has proved to be a record breaker in the respect of road traffic incidents I’m sure, at least two people dying within ten miles of the ferry within a few weeks. One at near Sligachan and one near Broadford, however, when you see the number of ‘Muppets’ on the road it’s hardly surprising. I don’t actually spend that much time driving off Raasay and boy, have I seen some folk with an innate ‘death wish’. Don’t really care about them, the roads are safer without them, it’s the poor passengers and ‘collateral damage I grieve for.

Hard at it Smile

Most definitely indoor weather as far as ship maintenance is concerned.

150716 021 150716 017 150716 022

Bilge polishing and painting being the tasks of the week so far.

The harvest is over

The timber harvest around Borodale, the Home loch and Temptation hill came to end this week with the last ‘forwarder’ leaving. The cutting ended weeks ago but there was much wood left to haul out of the various stacking areas and this beast was left to do it.

150716 023 150716 024 150716 025

Not like the old days when they’d have used horses and one of these.

150716 002 150716 003

Taken near my parents house on the mainland on Tuesday.

There’s still several hundred tons lying at the old pier for the MV Red Princess to uplift, but she’s shifting that pretty quickly.

150716 011

Much better picture of her here and a good explanation of why here .

Most people think they leave a mess,

150716 012 150716 013

me, I prefer to see the back of the faceless oppressive industrial conifer plantations. The native flowers and shrubs grow madly amongst the brash which helps discourage grazing by deer, and sheep. Not to mention people and dogs tramping all over the place. The sunlight reaches places that have not seen it in years and the suffocating moss is replaced by lichens previously choked. Sure it looks a bit of a mess for a few years but ten years down the line you’ll not even remember it was there and with a bit of luck they’ll replant with a mixture of both native and conifers. 

Summer visitors

150716 004 150716 006 

The Hebridean Princess arrived on Wednesday in the midst of one of the many hour long deluges that plagued us all day.

150716 010

By The time everyone was soaked to the skin it cleared up and they left in almost sunshine. Bizarrely it had been lovely all day at Arnish with 20kWh of solar PV generated and 22kWh of hot water! The tanker driver who ‘bunkered’ us at Sconser around 16:00 also said he’d been driving around the mainland all day and not seen a drop of rain! One thing about the West Coast, it’s certainly unpredictable.

150716 016

Dunno who this monster RIB belongs to but it arrived from the Portree direction full of happy holiday makers the other day.

Well, that’s it I guess, almost 20:00 now, we’ll be sailing in half an hour and I’ve got stuff to do.



  1. Thanks. Full of interest, as usual

    Comment by David — July 16, 2016 @ 7:12 pm

  2. Portree didn’t need a road sweeper with the roads all flooded it just washes everything away

    Comment by royclearychubbybrown — July 16, 2016 @ 7:36 pm

  3. Hi Paul, like a lot of your other fans I’ve missed your contributions over the last 100+ days but appreciate that you have more important things to do at times. I was in Scotland I’m April but sadly wasn’t able to get up your way. Still enjoy reading your blog and listening to your music.

    Comment by Iain downunder — July 22, 2016 @ 11:04 am

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