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March 7, 2016

Generating once more :-)

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We had twenty five happy years at ‘Number 3’ and I have to be honest there’s not much I miss. Well, apart from the parties in the barn, the ‘magic mushroom’ tea and bizarre people that turned up at the door from time to time. That and of course the sunrises,


070316 003 070316 004

the sunrises at ‘Number 3’ were visible from the front door, at Sonas I have to go and feed the hens to see one.


070316 005

The sun on the Trotternish Ridge from the breakfast table is pretty good compensation right enough. And, all this was prior to taking my son to school at 7:00am.

I had a dentist appointment in Kyle so took the Dude down to school then headed to Sconser quarry for more 20mm chips. Dropping the trailer off at the ferry terminal with its precious cargo I then went onto Portree for hen feed. The dentist appointment did not go well, first off I was informed they were ‘running late’. That in itself wasn’t a problem but around 11:30, with me due in at 11:10, the power went off Sad smile Not so good for me but someone was half way through a session!!!

  070316 009


By a strange coincidence SSE just happened to be working outside the dentists surgery, methinks someone ‘cocked up’ Sad smile Whatever, I headed back to Sconser minus a filling, SSE said they’d have the power back on by midday but I had my doubts. I did not fancy being stranded on Skye until 15:00 so went for the 13:00 ferry, which was busy getting a wash Smile


070316 010 070316 011

At Sonas for 14:00 I got on with ‘chuckie spreading’

070316 012 070316 013

putting some Terram matting down on the parts at the back of the house that needed it.


070316 015 070316 014

All the while the wind turbine remained steadfastly stopped until I’d finished. However, by 17:00 an air of wind had sprung up from the south west and by dinner time we’d generated 1kWh. Hardly anything to ‘write home about’ but a start nonetheless, tomorrow’s gale should give it a good testing.

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