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February 28, 2016

Waking up early :-)

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There’s a real feeling of spring in the air, it’s not going to last right enough as tomorrow looks pretty grim by all accounts. The nice fresh, crisp and sunny weather about to be replaced by milder, cloudy and wet stuff. Still, I aint complaining, my back could do with a rest. I’ve started most days with a spell of rock shifting to make a small kerb around the house the side of the house as means of retaining the ‘chuckies’. It’s only a temporary measure, though I use that term lightly, chances are I’ll be retired when I start building the proper retaining wall I have planned.

The longer days have seen a rapid increase in the amount of energy we’ve been harvest from the sun, both the solar PV and solar hot water ‘waking up early’ just like me Smile

280216 004 280216 005 280216 038

Those ‘traffic lights’ on the solar inverter signifying that it’s about to start extracting energy from the sun and that was at 7:15 yesterday morning. Sure it wasn’t much, a mere 15W from each half of the array but it rose quickly as the sun came up. Just as well really as the water was frozen, perhaps I’ll have to sack my son and finish off burying the water pipe myself Smile Not that it’s any fault of his that he’s not finished filling in the trench, it’s all the frigging homework he gets!!! I kid you not, I’ve just taken him a cup of tea and he’s got two laptops going to try and do his English homework. Yesterday it was maths and just looking at his notes made me feel inadequate.

Anyway, the routine in the mornings has now got me letting the hens out just after 7:00, cleaning out the nesting boxes and eggs before the third cup of tea. After that I hitch up the trailer on the quad and head off to Tarbert on the quad to feed the pigs and collect some rocks.

 280216 006  280216 030

Had to replace an ear tag on this little darling today as she’ll be heading to Dingwall tomorrow with one of her siblings. You used to be able just to mark them with paint for a trip to the abattoir but now they insist on a tattoo or ear tag. Bit of a nuisance really as quite often they loose them.

  280216 014 280216 015

Starting to look good around the house now with those 20mm ‘chuckies’, Molly certainly approves and tomorrows pishing rain will hopefully give them a wash. I did try the hose but it was frozen Sad smile

280216 011 280216 012

Managed to sort that by splitting one of the joints and shaking the pipe, got soaked in the process right enough but by 10:30 we had water again. Just as well as there was a mountain of washing to do and it was perfect drying weather.


Being absolutely determined not to wreck my back again I’ve been restricting my ‘hard labour’ on the rock front to just one small trailer load and a bit of rock moving before ‘second breakfast’. So after that I went along to sort out my mates Lister ST2,

280216 027

fitted the new solenoid and ‘ran it up for and hour’. Hardly taxing or strenuous but I’m determined to start ‘winding down’ and start practicing for my retirement Smile We put a lot of effort, ‘blood sweat and tears’ into Sonas and I’m not going to mess by back up or turn grey before I have time to fully enjoy it.

 280216 029 280216 013

Back home I did some work on my battery banks, the one on the left being the main one for the house and that just got the usual SG check and top up. The one on the right is for the generator, it’s a little OTT at 24V and 450Ah but a couple of the cells are a bit dubious so not really fit for a ‘house bank’. It’s also suffering from a good bit of verdigris around some of the terminals. Removing all the interconnectors then pouring boiling water over terminals removes most of it. A good wire brushing then a liberal coating of Vaseline or silicon and they were as good as new.

280216 025 280216 016

A spot of welding

As the wind turbine mast is lowered and a good friend had left me his 200A inverter welder I took the opportunity do do a spot of welding around the base.


280216 031


Probably not really necessary but my welding is carp and it’s not often I have a good enough excuse to practice on something this beefy.


280216 032

That thick piece of angle iron was courtesy of SSE and it was just bolted through the centre of the turbine base, well now it has a weld resembling bird 5h1t holding it too Smile I’m not going to ‘beat myself up’ about it, the only rods I had were 8018’s and they’re not for novices like me.


  1. How long do you have until retirement?
    Could or would you go part time?


    Comment by royclearychubbybrown — February 28, 2016 @ 10:04 pm

    • Hi Roy,

      I’ll be 60 in May, so whatever the retirement age is when I finally reach it, which to be honest is actually only three and a half years at the most, me only working 24 weeks a year and all that. It will be here before I know it, as for retiring early or going part time, probably 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — February 28, 2016 @ 10:27 pm

  2. great news about the new contract for calmac …

    Comment by Duncan Boyle — May 19, 2016 @ 9:54 pm

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