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February 20, 2016

Loosing the plot :-(

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Well I’m not, but I can see how some people do, I seem to have spent a good deal of the week going around in circles with call centres. Sure it’s a great way to experience other cultures and I’ve met some lovely people. Not long off the phone to Sammy in the Philippines who tells me the weather is lovely and it’s 7:18PM in Manila. Of course I never actually got around to speaking to Sammy until I’d spent 20 minutes on the phone going around in circles with voice recognition and then another operator lower down the ladder.

This would be with PayPal and I’d just come off the phone after a similar circular conversation with another South East Asian eBay operative and gotten nowhere. Sure it wasn’t his fault so I never ‘lost the plot’ with him, after all, he didn’t make the rules and I cannae think of a worse job. We ended up firm friends and he recommended the place for my next holiday. Poor souls, eBay will be keeping them up all night and they must work shifts around the different time zones, better ask the next ‘Sammy’ or Gita I speak to.

If you look on the eBay contact section under phone it tells you their office is only open 9:00 till 18:00 to give you the impression that you’re speaking to someone in Europe. Truth is Manila  is 8 hours ahead so that makes it 18:00 till 3:00AM, ‘aye right’, Sammy works three whilst six and then the office is closed Smile

Seriously though, if anyone was fragile upstairs and had to deal with this kind of carp to get their ‘single farm payment’ or ‘Universal benefit’, it’s enough to put them ‘over the edge’. All this was for a £15.99 payment to some shark off eBlag selling a software key.  That amount of money isn’t going to bankrupt me but I’ve already spent a good two hours on the phone trying to sort it. Well, I hate the frigging phone, it makes my ear hot, probably fries my brain and if I get my money back tomorrow without any further emails or calls it will have cost me £8.00 and hour!!! I wouldn’t get out of bed to work that, even if it was something I enjoyed. I’m sure they do it deliberately, take my ‘dongle’ for instance, it is, or should I say was a 3 PAYGO and has been since I went to South Shields, training for the Hallaig.

I was happy with this cos I don’t do ‘smart phones’ and only require access to my laptop when away from home infrequently. However it’s been getting harder and harder to top it up, last time I was at dock in October it took me almost an hour. Latterly it has become impossible, as, according to Firefox and Internet Explorer the site doesn’t have a valid security certificate, whatever that is. The phone line will not let you top up with a card, only a voucher, though it doesn’t actually tell you this until you’ve been on the line ages and half way through the menu. Of course it then tells you ‘Go to My Three’ and top up using your registered credit card in four easy steps’, ‘aye right’.

A full two hours later, after having given up on the ‘four easy steps’ and speaking to Rajiv in Mumbai I came away with a 2gb contact for £8. Lets hope that’s the end of it, as far eBlag and ‘No Pay Pal’ go, though I’ve not finished with Mint yet, that was another couple of hours of my life lost forever in the pursuit of money owed. This time it was some seat covers purchased as a Christmas present for wifey’s ‘Egg Chariot’. I bought her a full set from a bunch of cowboys that go under the name of ‘Bulletproof Seat Covers’ owned by a company called Protective Covers Ltd. Only the fronts arrived but they charged me for a full set and sent no invoice. A little digging around turned this up

It would seem I’m not alone.

Simon H-32,

CCJs, director changes, failed businesses. Thieves basically.

Another to add to the list. Ordered two covers back in August last year, money taken straight away. Intermittent communications citing delays due to backlog of orders, faulty machines, the earth turning too slowly and leaves on the track etc. Now the phones aren’t answered and the website has gone down.
Bit of digging online shows a couple of names keep cropping up as directors of failed "textile" companies, including involvement in this clown show. Protective Covers Ltd also have unpaid CCJ awards against them from May last year. A DueDil search on the company lists it as being high risk. Basically these clowns were taking orders and payment without, I strongly suspect, any intention of completing the orders. This company will no doubt fold and then Mr JMC, his son and Mrs JA will magically reappear on yet another "textile" company. Giving Trading Standards a call in the morning to find out what the next step is.

Well, I just hope Mr S6 gets hold of him Smile

I am coming to get you

Same as many other customers. I will not let you screw me!. You are now dealing with your worst customer! See you soon you scumbag.

Sadly I don’t have Mr S’s tenacity but I did pay by credit card so should be able to claim something back once I’ve jumped through all of Mint’s hoops. Shame really because they really are first class seat covers.

Meanwhile back at the ranch

After the ‘Storm with no name’ on Tuesday and a busy day on Wednesday, we settled back into normality.


200216 002 200216 003

Having said that Friday had us shipping some serious hardware in the form of some chains for a forwarder in, the forwarder itself having arrived via Ferguson Transports landing craft. Going out was one of the two harvesters,

200216 004 200216 005

I guess these things are too expensive not to be kept on a job unless they are working flat out.

Just routine

That’s about it really, well apart from a few jobs around the ship,

200216 001

like changing water filters and


200216 006 200216 007 200216 008 200216 009

cleaning the ‘sight glasses’ on the generator header tanks. Removing the delicate glass tubes and soaking them in phosphoric acid makes a lovely job of removing the rust from the inside of the tubes. By rights there shouldn’t be any in there but Ferguson’s were a bit stingy with the corrosion inhibitor Sad smile

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