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February 14, 2016

Frozen solid :-(

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A few peachy days in a row, lovely jubbly, trouble is, it’s been cold. Of course it’s February, it’s supposed to be and to be truthful we’re much needing it. A good hard frost or two is what’s required to kill off all the midges, stop confusion in the plant world and keep everything in order. Thing is we’ve just been used to it and de-icing cars is not something I’ve done at Arnish in years. Not that that worries me, unlike the ‘usual suspects’ who arrive late for the ferry peering  though two tiny scrape marks on a frozen windscreen I’m usually up early Smile No, what worries me is the water to the house, that was frozen this morning and yesterday. My son has been digging the 200m trench for a couple of years now and a fine job he’s done, nay a spectacular job considering the terrain. He’s been out there in all weathers, moved and chipped his way though some serious rocks and even buried some of it. Thing is, it’s not all covered yet and the little valley it runs down seems to be something of a ‘frost pocket’. Sure it’s usually back on before lunch but today it was after 14:00 and the hens supply has been frozen for a couple of days.

140216 003 140216 005

Hardly a serious frost by anybody’s standards but the hardest we’ve seen in a long while.


140216 007 140216 008 140216 009

It was a pure peach of a day right enough and just fantastic to be driving to work in daylight. A golden eagle, some deer, mountain hare and rabbit being just some of the wildlife I saw on the way in.

It was also a pleasure to be ‘Silent Running’ again as we call it, that is sailing in ‘Battery Only’ mode. We’ve been sailing in ‘Diesel Only’ since the storms last week and resulting damage ashore. John Norman Macpherson  was straight ‘on the case’ but was awaiting parts. They arrived Friday afternoon and by Saturday it was sorted.


Gotta give John Norman a plug because it was his company that did the first class work up at Sonas, Jamie in particular doing all we asked and more.


120216 017 120216 018 120216 019

So, this was the first night we’d had an ‘overnight charge’ since Imogen’

140216 010 140216 012 140216 013 140216 014

and Sunday morning had our .75mWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery banks at 100%, ready to ship a load of cars and passengers silently to Skye.


140216 015

Aye the school holidays and good weather certainly seem to have got folk moving.

After the morning runs, ‘BIG BREAKFAST’ and a couple of drills I took a wander up towards the orchard and cemetery to what was left of the forest.

 140216 017 140216 018    140216 019 140216 020

The partially frozen Home Loch was getting a good dose of sunshine and the ‘rhoddies’ on one of the islands had even been cut and burned.


140216 021

Once all the ‘brash’ has been mulched by this Tigercat 470

140216 022 140216 023

and the place has had a few years to recover it’ll look lovely.

140216 025

I am not a fan of oppressive plantation trees and rhododendrons running amok.

140216 024

I just love all this serious hardware Smile

140216 026140216 028 

Sure it looks a mess and there are no trees left to hug but they’re not native, not natural and do little for the wildlife. Nature is a great healer and if the sheep and deer are kept off it will soon regenerate. I don’t even mind them planting more if they keep them away from the roads and power lines, what’s all that about!!! Why the feck do they plant these things right up to the road??? and within 100m of power cables and telegraph poles. I mean, it’s not ‘rocket science’ is it, half of the power failures on Raasay seem to be related to trees falling on cables so why plant them so close? and I’ve lost count of the number of trees that have come down across the road.

Light both ways

My year is full of ‘milestones’, the first cuckoo, the first rays of sun through the living room window, the first sight of Orion, the first roar of a stag or disturbed woodcock and of course the first I can get to work and back in daylight. Well this morning it was still light as we tied up Hallaig.


140216 029

Right enough, it was dark soon after, but by next week I’ll not need the lights Smile

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