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February 12, 2016

‘While we wait’ :-)

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With ‘half term’ just around the corner it seems like at long last we’ll be getting some decent weather. Many, many is the glorious holiday I’ve spent on the West Coast at this rime of year, mainly at sea in a dry suit with cold hands and a red face right enough but glorious nonetheless. The period around Valentines day when most of the schools take there hols was always a good reason to head north in a Land Rover towing a RIB behind.

120216 014  120216 015

Thank goodness the sun is shining at last, and the destructive storms have passed, though we’re still suffering the consequences here. No reliable internet or phone signal on the vessel since the 3rd of February when Henry or was it Imogen fried several transformers, routers, fridges, TV’s, and data cables. The utility and phone companies have worked like Trojan’s but we’re still without 3Netwrok 3G so we only have Internet access when near Sconser. Not the end of the world you may think, but the way we’re heading it could be!!

The rush to make more and more systems ‘more efficient’ by the use of the Internet seems to be driven by people ‘in the toon’ who have little concept of ‘life in the sticks’. That’s us nine days without it and on the cusp of an Internet based ticketing system Smile You gotta laugh though, you phone some one up at a ‘help desk’ to tell them and their reply is ‘I’ll email you the details’ Smile

Much has happened since I last posted almost a week ago, for a start we had a ‘wee ceilidh’ on Sunday night with the neighbours and my good friend ‘the man from Gourock’. It’s been yonks since I’ve seen him and the craic is always good.

080216 004

Monday had me taking my son for the school ferry, my spirits uplifted when I saw the first signs of dawn as I opened the door to the outside world at 7:15. The door faces east, and for the first time in long enough it wasn’t pitch black when departing for the first ferry.

Towing my tipping trailer to the Sconser quarry for two tons of 20mm chips and a feast of trucks before breakfast.

080216 013 080216 010 080216 011

Eyre Plant’s Scania and Grant’s Haulage’s DAF both having visited Sonas with aggregate this last couple of years. Grant’s  trusty old Foden looking as clean as ever.

 080216 012

Still going strong after 43 years this Volvo BM earth mover!!


080216 006  080216 007 080216 008

Yes, Monday was a good day, it really did feel like ‘winter’s back was broken’, sadly I’d an appointment in Golspie on Tueday morning so had to leave home on the last Monday ferry.

Still, it did give me chance to get couple of ‘fish suppers’ in Kyle and spend the night at my mum’s Smile The day in Golspie was long and stressful but as is usual there, the weather was lovely! Dunno what it is about the place but I’ve been half a dozen times for injections into my back, at all times of the year and it always seems to be sunny!

Back to work

So that was it, the ‘fortnight off’ was over and I was back at work on Tuesday evening ready for the ‘fortnight on’. Much had been going on in my absence, most of it to do with the weather, forestry and of course the much awaited distillery.

120216 005 120216 006

Which when finished should look like this,


that’s according to the P&J at least

Raasay is to get its first ever legal distillery after planning permission was granted by Highland Council.

Illicit distilling was once rife on the Inner Hebridean Island off Skye.

Raasay Distillery and visitor experience centre will be independently owned and operated by R&B Distillers and hopes to open in January next year.

The new distillery will be “knitted” to the Victorian Borodale House, which latterly was run as an hotel.

The creation of a state-of-the-art visitor experience centre and luxury accommodation – which will include the restoration of derelict Borodale House – is hoped to put Raasay on the map for whisky lovers around the globe.

The planning application was granted by officers under delegated powers.

R&B Distillers hopes to release the first batch of Raasay whisky by 2020 and produce up to 150,000 bottles of whisky a year thereafter.

Bill Dobbie – Scots entrepreneur and co-founder of online dating site Cupid – and business partner Alasdair Day – who currently produces Tweeddale whisky – founded R&B Distillers in 2014.

A spokeswoman for the firm said: “After months of planning, discussions with architects, meetings with the island community and talks with Raasay vole and bat specialists, planning permission has now been granted for R&B Distillers venture.

“The winters on Raasay are not conducive to building but as the Scottish proverb goes, ‘today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky,’ and R&B Distillers are certain their new distillery will be worth the wait.

“Construction of The Isle of Raasay Distillery is set to begin in April which will see R&B Distillers whisky in production in early 2017. While the distillery is under construction, R&B Distillers have released the aptly named While We Wait single malt, a preview of the calibre and flavour of whisky yet to come. Every sip certain to transport the drinker to the rugged island of Raasay.”

Councillor Ian Renwick of the planing, development and infrastructure committee of Highland Council, who lives at Portree on Skye, said: “I totally welcome this. There are 100 people on Raasay and there is a lack of employment so anything like that is very welcome.

“I am looking forward to it opening and getting and few people into jobs. The construction work will also bring a welcome jobs boost.”

As the article says, a great boost for the local economy and while we wait, there is always this

I did get one for Christmas but it’s all gone Sad smile

Then there’s this,



I did meet them filming some of it at 6:30AM up ‘Calum’s road’ last year, dunno who was more shocked Smile

The first day back wasn’t the brilliant day that Monday was or Today has been but it did lavish several gorgeous rainbows on us.


120216 007 120216 008 120216 009 120216 011 

Not that my wee camera did them justice,

120216 016

I managed to dig out my old one for today, unfortunately there were no rainbows.

Probably missed out ‘hunners’ but I gotta go Smile

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