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February 5, 2016

More ‘chuckies’

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Well this is gonna be quick, almost 23:30 and with a few ‘G & T’s’ down my neck after a couple of hours watching the ‘one eyed monster’ I’m wrecked. Sure, I don’t usually drink gin or watch TV but I’m kinda getting into it these days. That’ll be the telly and not the ‘mothers ruin’. I’m so chuffed with the new hoose that I’ve taken to ‘veg’ing’ out on George in front of the box. Well, if you’ve paid almost £4K for a hand made sofa you’d be wanting to enjoy it hey . George will be our Chesterfield couch and I gotta say he’s awesome Smile The gin, well that’s just a bottle we had left after Christmas, hic.

Another early start, this time to catch a dentists appointment in Kyle by way of the Sconser quarry.

 040216 001 040216 002

The trailer I recently bought off Lachie doing sterling work carrying two tons of 20mm chips. Though when I say ‘bought’ I use that term loosely as I’ve not actually paid for it yet, sorry mate, just not had chance to get to the bank. Though judging by recent reports from relatives and friends, if you’re in the ‘Royal’ people just hack into your account and help themselves any way. No shit, two folk I know have been fleeced recently by the Royal Bank of Scotland security being compromised.

After filling the trailer I deposited it back at the ferry terminal

040216 003 040216 004

next to this beast, which looked like it could have contacted Mars so that ET could ‘phone home’. Dunno what it was doing but seven hours later it was still running unattended in the Sconser car park. I’m guessing it was an essential communication link for all the engineers on Raasay trying to fix the chaos left by Henry. Again, speaking to other people, we got off lightly at the ‘north end’. Folk at the south end of Raasay lost TV’s, fridges, routers, computers, phones, thermostats and a hundred and one other random bits of electronics.

That done I headed towards the mainland to visit the dentist and my mum.

040216 005 The lorry was blown off the A87. Picture by Donald Cameron

There was a set of temporary lights at the scene of the Co Op lorry ‘incident’ at Drum na Cloiche form a couple of days ago.

040216 006 040216 008 040216 010

Later on it was back home to spread the ‘chuckies’ and then a few hours working on the Subaru.


040216 011

As you can see the rear CV joint oil seal mating surface was pure wrecked. This had allowed water into the bearings and that was what had worn them out. To save the expense and availability of a new joint I repaired it with a stainless steel sleeve.

 040216 012040216 013

Called and Speedi Sleeve these just press on over the damaged area and allow a new oil seal to form a perfect seal.


040216 014

OK, it’s still very much ‘work in progress’ Smile

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