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September 9, 2015

Summer is here :-)

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After 21:00 now, I’m showered and in my PJ’s but Billy is still in the ‘bunker’ with ‘Tallboy’,

Royal Air Force Bomber Command, 1942-1945. CH15363.jpg

I thought ‘Fat man’ was more appropriate but probably not PC these days,

Replica of the original "Fat Man" bomb

080915 021

Aye, the ‘bomb’ in the ‘bunker’ is being plumbed and filled as we speak and the available space is rapidly diminishing. By the time the 100lt expansion vessel goes in there and the spare inverter and battery bank then there’ll be little room for much more than the freezer.

There has been much progress this last couple of days at Sonas and the weather has been fantastic, sadly I missed almost a full day of it on Monday whilst I visited the hospital.


080915 001

Still, it was a beautiful drive there and there was little in the way of traffic. This is looking over Loch Duich towards Ratagan from the causeway at Kintail.

080915 002

This is Ratagan looking down Loch Duich towards Inverinate.

080915 003

A much depleted Loch Cluanie, though I dunno how, with all the rain.

080915 006

This is the most interesting thing I saw in Inverness, an old forestry commission tractor that would be just grand about the croft Smile

080915 007

Home on the last ferry,

080915 008 080915 009

to find the ‘bunker’ lined and panelled and the gable end being plastered.


It was an early start this morning as Lachie stayed over

 080915 010 080915 011 080915 014

to finish the gable so I could start fitting the solar thermal tubes for Billy. Whilst Lachie was doing this I got back under the Land Rover,



080915 013

more welding Sad smile Just ‘aft’ of the ‘trailing arms’ a couple patches were needed.


080915 015

That done and with Lachie finished I started mounting the 60 solar collectors on the ‘bunker’ roof, starting with the middle one.

080915 016

Rather than use the pathetic straps that is the norm I used solar PV mounting rails and brackets more suited to the West Coast weather. I just had to modify half a dozen of the clamps to fit the solar hot water collectors.

080915 018 080915 019

At the top end I just used the regular solar PV clamps through some conveniently slotted holes in the stainless steel frames. The sixty collector tubes will not be fitted until the pipe work is finished, the evacuated tubes can get incredibly hot very quickly and that heat will have nowhere to go.


080915 017

Molly’s task in all this was guarding Billy’s van Smile


080915 023

Well, as I said at the beginning, I came in before 21:00 after the sun had set, Billy was still out there long after 22:00. Not sure how long right enough as by the time he called me to check something out I was three quarters of the way through a nice ‘Cab Sav’ and now it’s Wednesday!!!



  1. I’m intrigued where all the workers sleep over … do they camp out in the house, or use the Glenelg, or do they have relatives on Raasay … obviously there’s no going back to the mainland at that time of night

    Comment by cazinatutu — September 9, 2015 @ 10:46 am

    • Hi Caz, it’s a bit like a caravan park here at the moment 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — September 12, 2015 @ 8:14 am

  2. Did I miss something? Have you already told what “Solas” means.

    Comment by Eileen — September 9, 2015 @ 2:40 pm

    • Hi Eileen,

      Solas means ‘Saving Of Life At Sea’ but the house is called Sonas, which means happiness in Gaelic. Must have been thinking of work when I made that ‘typo’ 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — September 12, 2015 @ 8:13 am

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