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July 18, 2015

Pure pish :-(

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The broadband here ‘on the route’ is like treacle today, a sure sign that the Sligachan campsite  is ‘chock a block’ with happy campers stuck inside their tents and vans. The prospect of a day on ‘Facecloth’ being more appealing than trudging the Cuillins in the pishing rain with a southerly gale driving water into every pore of the so called waterproof Gore-Tex. I defy anything other than a sheet of thick polythene to keep the water out when propelled by a Sconser gust. The weather is in short pish though the Scots definition is probably more appropriate today

It’s Saturday evening now, and much as I tried, I simply couldn’t ‘get it together’ to do any posting of late. Sure there’s been a couple of ‘late ones’ on the ferry with contactors fitting Wi-Fi hardware and Volvo doing some mods on our DG’s, but even when I’ve been home at 20:30 I’ve been wrecked. Donald Angus the joiner has been working hard and long at Sonas, fitting the solid oak doors and ‘Suffolk latches’ which require a considerable more time and effort than your regular engineered affairs with door knobs. The doors are pure beautiful and weigh a ton, but they’re held in place by hand forged Tee hinges of similar weight and ruggedness. Probably made by some poor soul in a sweatshop Delhi or Szechwan for peanuts right enough but they do look great and at least the doors came from the UK.

Heritage Doors and floors

The doors and hardware may be the ‘dogs danglies’ but that’s more than I can say about my experience with . Initially we just bought 1 door to asses the quality and service, and I told them this, so you can imagine how pished off I was when the first one arrived damaged. Not damaged by the courier but actually packed damaged, the protective ‘shrink wrap’ having fork marks in it from the forklift truck and the door having several gouges out of it.

I phoned them straight away and after sending some images they immediately offered a replacement. However, I said I didn’t want one, the door was heavy, I’d damaged all the wrapping to get it off and it was a pure hassle to return it. The door is just what we had in mind and I can live with the damage, we are after all after a ‘rustic look’.  I’ll keep the door I informed them, just give me a good discount on the next 12, fine said one of the several girls I spoke to on the phone over the next few weeks Smile 

Next thing a man turned up at my parents house to collect the door I was keeping!!!! I phoned them up and they assured me that nobody had been sent to collect the door. The original door having been dispatched to my parents house because of the ‘mainland’ address. So I phoned the courier, because by this time I’d repacked the door, the courier assured me they’d the correct paperwork and would collect it from Raasay!!! I phoned Heritage again, who once more insisted that they’d not asked a courier to collect it!!! Well says I he certainly wouldn’t collect it without an order and paperwork from yourselves would he? or he wouldn’t get paid! So I returned the door and awaited the arrival of 13 new ones with ‘Beeswax dipped hardware’.

A week or two later they arrived at Sconser, undamaged and nicely strapped to a pallet but minus the handles and hinges. Another phone call informed me that they should have been with the doors followed by another saying they’ll be posted out today!! Next thing Donald Angus informed me there was no beading for the doors with glass panels!!! Another phone call sorted that, then a few weeks later I realized that the new hardware was different to the hinges and handles sent with the first door!! Another phone call sorted that but by now I’d just had enough!!

In fairness to Heritage the quality was excellent, we love the doors and all the staff I spoke to could not have been more helpful or polite. I effectively got a great discount as they never charged me for the hardware which was around £35 per door and we are seriously pleased with the finished article.


Another band of rain heading for Raasay.

 It wasn’t all bad

It may not have been a great summer so far but it’s not been all bad


our ‘Old Boot’ sofa and chairs arrived on a nice dry day . Now we’ve not actually unpacked these yet but I’m expecting great things of these hand made chairs, Andy of the ‘Old Boot Sofa’ company has been phoning and emailing regular progress reports about George the sofa and Birdie the chairs Smile Seriously I’ve been given a blow by blow account of the individually made items and telephone lessons on how to care for the leather. Getting the chunky Chesterfield into the house may involve removing the doors right enough but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Like the grave

Well, it’s 19;30 now and it has at least stopped raining, can’t believe that it’s Saturday already, where has the week gone? It’s been deathly quiet here on the ferry, no doubt the weather has had something to do with that, and of course last night’s ceilidh and book launch.

This will be the launch of Nick Fairweather’s book, the one that Wifey and I went to last week and wondered why nobody was there Smile

Seriously, I finished work early and we both got showered and changed to drive the ten miles to the village hall for the 18:30 event, only to discover we were a week early!!!!

Not sure if the ceilidh was related to the book but I believe there are a few sore heads on Raasay today Smile Me, I’ve been taking it easy, it’s been a helluva start to the shift with all the contractors and technicians on board.

The final one left at 17:30 yesterday and I’ve just been catching up with the related paperwork.


I must say, I was seriously impressed with their service and the work they did on one of our D13 Volvo’s.

P7160093 P7160094 P7160095

I don’t believe it, the sun has come out!!


OK, I’ll rephrase that, ‘a tiny ray of sunshine crash landed on Glamaig’!!


  1. “I defy anything other than a sheet of thick polythene to keep the water out when propelled by a Sconser gust.”

    Ha! I once had to take my tent down on the Silg to stop it being blown away. At one point I was getting worried about the car!

    Comment by Phil Cook — July 19, 2015 @ 6:31 pm

    • My mother’s car was written off by a gust of wind at Sconser whilst awaiting the ferry. The car was a Toyota hatchback with the boot release inside near the driver, she asked my dad to get something out of the back and released the catch. He opened the passenger door just as one of those squalls came down Loch Sligachan. The wind entered the passenger side with such force that it blew the tailgate clean off its struts and it hit the roof with such a force that the car was scrapped by the insurance company. It was not an old car!!!

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — July 19, 2015 @ 6:46 pm

  2. Hi Paul, good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour in the face of serious adversity. Please carry on giving all your readers much pleasure with your blogging.
    Whilst on the line, can’t help but comment on the Dude’s growth these past few years. Last time I saw him he was a mere stripling in shorts playing with his mates on a home made go cart at your drive end. How time passes.
    Regards,Robert Findlay.

    Comment by Robert Findlay — July 19, 2015 @ 8:18 pm

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