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July 15, 2015

Still, he’s at it!!

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22:30 now and I’m ready for my bed but Donald Angus is still working in our house so I’m feeling guilty. Sure I’ve had a long day on the ferry but Donald was up and making his breakfast before 6:30 when I headed down the road for work.

150715 007

Pretty much all of the solid oak doors are now hung and most of the skirting board fitted. More arrived today so wifey, son and myself painted them prior to coming in at 21:40.


150715 009

I’ve had a shower and a bite to eat, but like I said, Donald is still out there.

Back to work

Well, the first full day on Hallaig had us making a start on some painting at last. The last shift got plenty done but judging by the forecast we’ll be struggling to compete. Even today, the ‘wall to wall’ sunshine we were promised never materialized.

  150715 005

Sure, it was nice enough at 6:30 but by 8:30 it was raining!!!!!!!! Brightened up by the afternoon and even reached 15 degrees, but hardly July weather.


150715 006140715 003

Whilst we got on with the day to day stuff of operating the ferry we had contractors aboard installing an ‘all singing, all dancing’ WiFi system that should keep the Hallaig connected to the ‘world wide web’ 24/7 and all the way to Sconser and back. It’s unlikely to be as reliable and fast as my system at Sonas though Smile

Before all that

Prior to returning to work of course I went to visit my parents

140715 002

and took the dogs for a walk with the Dude. Molly just hasn’t got the hang of this stick chasing lark and prefers to chase the dug with the stick Smile

140715 004 140715 005 140715 006

As you can see, we still have MV Loch Bhrusda tied up alongside and Oigh Niesach was heading for her moorings ‘under power’ Smile

140715 007 140715 008



  1. Hi Paul Not sure if you saw my comment on the Chicken Run posting; those Trace units on Ebay units are just up the road from me in Morpeth, if you bid on them and win i`ll happily collect them for you and drop them off at Sconser or your place when we move in the next 3/4 weeks – we are moving up at the end of July so if you fancy grabbing these units I can collect them for you and chuck em on the wagon we are bringing up with tons of gear in it. You don`t happen to know anyone who wants rid of a shipping container cheap by any chance ? We are looking at having to use Jans Vans for a while but always on the lookout for something cheaper
    Thanks Roy

    Comment by Roy Bennett — July 16, 2015 @ 8:50 am

    • Hi Roy,

      thanks ever so much for the offer. If I do put a bid on I’ll let you know. The absolute best thing by far you can do regarding the shipping container is buy one near home, they’ll be cheaper than on Skye by a mile. Then fill it with your stuff and hire someone to take it to Skye and drop it in your garden. That way you get a cheap container delivered to your new house and don’t have to ‘double handle’ your gear. On top of that you’ve got a ready made garden shed 🙂

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — July 17, 2015 @ 8:28 pm

  2. Someone on ebuild forum had one they wanted rid of, might be worth a look.

    Comment by Steve — July 16, 2015 @ 11:51 am

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