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May 11, 2015

A bit of a grind :-)

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Well, I’m certainly not impressed with this May that’s for sure, the caravan is being shaken by the wind and pummelled by the wind so I can’t see me getting much sleep tonight. The wind is pure screaming form what seems like the south west and the Proven has been churning out almost 4kw in the gusts. Having said that there has been enough sun to generate 12kWh and enough rain to make 16kWh but the wind turbine beats them all at 22kWh. Having said that I thought it would be more but then the wind didn’t really start in earnest until the early evening.

Just as well really for Lachie and Norman arrived off the first ferry with a 2.2kW floor grinder/polisher and a 1.7kW extractor fan. The polisher has literally been going for 12 hours non stop.

110515 008 110515 017

Lachie doing the ‘day shift’ and me the ‘night shift’, well until 21:00 and my well earned shower that is. This concrete polishing is VERY ‘labour intensive’ Sad smile


110515 009 110515 016

And these £120 discs don’t last very long either, still, it is going to look amazing, honest.

Norman had actually intended to start rendering but the southerly gale and hail showers put paid to that.

110515 005

So, after fixing those galvanized supports for the plaster he gave up and turned his attention to the only dry wall at Sonas, the front gable.

110515 006 110515 007 110515 013

The Arnish stone, much of it salvaged from the dressed stone of nearby collapsed ruins and walls has found a fitting resting place in our new home.


110515 014


Prior to all this of course I was up at ‘stupid O clock’ and went checking the hydro turbine then down to the ferry terminal to collect our new tumble drier.

110515 003 110515 004

Also had a wander down to the shore at Tarbert by Rainey’s wall and the old sheep fank.


110515 001 110515 002

The poor lambs aren’t getting much of a start to life, this new arrival by ‘Calum’s cairn’ having temporarily lost his mum, though she wasn’t far away and came running when I sounded the horn.

Well impressed with the ‘power station’

One thing for sure, today has been a great test for our ‘off grid’ power supply. I did run the generator this morning for an hour but not out of necessity, just out of habit. The caravan is pretty chilly in the morning, at least it is when I get up Smile So, as a means of injecting some life into it and drying the permanent  pile of washing that resides in the shed, I fire up Harry for an hour every morning. The SMA SI6.OH inverter has a ‘1 hour run’ function for the generator and it’s great to get some hot air around my smalls Smile As I said earlier the 2.2kW polisher has been running all day, wifey has done a wash and we’ve had spells of bright sunshine and gale force winds combined with full output from the ‘Stream Engine’ and it’s all performed perfectly. The SI seems to cope amiably with the combination of ‘AC coupled’ Proven, PV and Powerspout’ as well as the ‘DC coupled’ solar panels and ‘Stream Engine’ all energy not used being diverted into resistive heating elements. SI inverters normally ‘frequency shift’ to ‘back off’ the GTI’s (SMA grid tied inverters) but I prefer to disable this function and get rid of the excess as heat via PWM controllers. Sure it’s slightly more expensive as you need controllers and dump loads but I just hate the idea of wasting any energy, even if it is only to dry washing. Also there have been issues with ‘frequency shifting’ when it comes to clocks and timers, these tend to use 50Hz as their ‘benchmark’ and the SI can slowly ‘ramp up’ the frequency to 54Hz when there is excess production. It does of course have a facility called ‘AfraEna’ or ‘Automatic Frequency Synchronization Enabling’ which is supposed to compensate for this but I’ve disabled that too Smile


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  1. What a hive of industry ! The end result will be stunning. Must get up for an inspection tour. That’s a poor sickly little lamb, needs a feed.

    Comment by SOTW — May 12, 2015 @ 11:06 am

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