Life at the end of the road

April 29, 2015

The 12kW ‘tumble drier’

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Well it’s 5:40am, the hens are done and I’ve just ‘flashed up’ our new ‘drier’,

290415 001

It’s pishing with rain, which makes a change from snow,

290415 019

but it’s presenting a challenge in the washing/drying department.

 290415 018

At least it was until we started utilizing Harry, our 12kW Lister generator, with two large fans running and the heat given off by his air cooling he makes a fine ‘tumble drier’ Smile The SMA 6.0 H ‘off grid’ inverter has a function on it that enables you to run the generator for an hour. This we’ve found is the ideal way of drying our clothes, at least until the weather improves. Not only that there is a tapping direct into the alternator so when he’s running we’ve a 3kW heater on in the caravan. A perfect start to a chilly morning prior to work Smile

 290415 007

The view from our bedroom window.

290415 009

Moving oil to the Schoolhouse the easy way.

290415 012 290415 013

How to roll a barrel up hill over the wheel arches using a ratchet strap, necessity is the mother of invention. I usually use a piece of wood but forgot it, this method is far easier.

 290415 014 290415 015 290415 016

Fresh back from Hawaii, and with a drop in temperature of more than 25 degrees Lachie starts work in a blizzard!!!!

 290415 010 290415 011

A blocked jet on the ‘Stream Engine’ hydro turbine, sorted in a few minutes and probably something to do with me fitting a new filter screen last week.

290415 023

All the sockets and switches fitted yesterday Smile

290415 022

The ‘ships carpenter’ made a shelf for the portable ‘air con’ unit last week as temperatures in the wheelhouse soared. This week the heating is back on and I’ve seen the gritter out on Skye!!!!



  1. That was a trick that the Naval Architect missed when designing the new all singing dancing vessel then. Leave it to those who can, to remedy the situation . 🙂

    Comment by Richard — April 29, 2015 @ 8:47 am

  2. Quick, snap a photo of Lachie’s deep bronze tan before it fades away!

    Comment by drgeo111 — April 29, 2015 @ 10:24 pm

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