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April 26, 2015

Seen and heard :-)

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Almost May, the cuckoo is here, we’ve just moved into a caravan and it’s started to snow!!!! The temperature has plummeted  and it’s boodly freezing Sad smile Still, it’s warm enough in the caravan thanks to the renewable energy powered electric heating. I would not like to be heating this little box with gas, a kilo of gas burnt produces a litre of water, so we’re not suffering the usual problem of condensation. The heating is off now and even at 7:00 there is a little of the sun’s heat making itself felt in here.

I actually saw the cuckoo at Brochel on Monday before I heard it but wifey and MiL heard it on Monday, me, I had to wait until Thursday to hear the echo of it’s call bouncing around the rocky cliffs of Torran. The cuckoo is something we all look forward to but by the middle of May it can drive you nuts of a still morning. The natural amphitheatre of the hard Arnish hill amplifying and repeating the call to a degree where I swear the bird is talking to its own echo.

An unscheduled  trip

Well, it certainly was a busy enough day yesterday, up at ‘stupid O clock’, a spell on here then out to do the hens on a fine spring morning.

260415 001 260415 003 

Went to check out the view from the house and was totally amazed at how warm it was inside, far warmer than the heated van and that’s without the 600mm of loft insulation in it Smile


260415 002

I’d spotted a window on Gumtree that would be suitable for the shed, a new Scandinavian one, it wasn’t quite the right size but when I phoned the chap in Inverness he said he had more. With both of us suffering a bad case of poor phone reception it wasn’t actually clear if I’d be able to collect one on Saturday. So, instead of doing what I would have liked to and gone to ‘snecky’ early I hitched up the trailer and went to collect some oil for the schoolhouse and a mate at Eyre.

260415 004

By 10:00 I’d heard back from my man in Inverness so swapped the Old Girl for Phoebe and caught the 10:55 ferry. Long gone are the days when a trip to Inverness was virtually impossible during the day. Now with the Skye bridge and a ferries every hour you can even do Glasgow and back on a Saturday.

I got there before 14:00, came away with a cracking hardwood, double glazed window, did a quick shop at Lidl, called on my parents and was home for 19:30 Smile

260415 006

I was ‘well chuffed’

The chap has quite a few of different sizes and I can vouch for the quality, a similar one the the one above would be anything between £600 and £900 and that one was £275. Mine was only £140 and is absolutely perfect for what I want.

After that it was a night with the wife ‘internet shopping’ on our ‘interstellar’ broadband that saw £800 spent on a Liebherr fridge and freezer. Sure, you can get reliable appliances for half that price or less but living ‘off grid’ makes every Watt precious and these are the most efficient appliances currently available according to .

Anyway, it’s almost 8:00 now and I’m off out into the cold Sad smile

260415 007

Bit different to yesterday’s view Smile


  1. We have something called ‘Le bon coin’ here you can get bargains there, plus a lot of over priced tat. got a used velux for peanuts. Are you going to find it tricky being so close to the new house and not ”helping”. Really nice to meet the Norman time lord face to face. Fancy a trip ?

    Comment by Andrew — April 26, 2015 @ 9:23 am

  2. Very much cooler here today as well! About 3 or 4 deg most of the day. Good news that the new hoose is so warm already. Planning a big party for Sat eve if you planning a trip down to the Valleys?

    Comment by Lloyd — April 28, 2015 @ 12:17 am

  3. Top blog! I’ve been following on and off after googling Listers a couple of years ago.


    Comment by Sandy — April 28, 2015 @ 2:27 am

  4. As you correctly point out. A kilo of lpg is about half as dense as water. So you end up with 25 litre gas bottle producing 50 litres of water. Which is a lot in a caravan.

    Comment by Tom — April 28, 2015 @ 7:18 am

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