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January 17, 2015

Vodafone, Crapfone

I’m not expecting any sympathy because there’s folk that’s had it far worse than us, but that’s it now, I’ve had enough of this winter and it’s only half way through. Still the days are certainly stretching which helps, mind you I guess one of the reasons for that is all the friggin snow. OK, it’s probably nothing by east coast standards but it’s a lot for here and I’m sick of it. Right from the Tuesday and the start of my shift it’s been a battle to get into work, not quite so bad for me in the Land Rover right enough but the Post Lady has really been struggling.

The worst of it is the lack of mobile phone signal which means that I have to email her every morning with a road status report once I’ve got into work at 7:00.

150115 002

Well, that will be 7:00 if there are no trees in the way, for when it’s not been snowing it’s been pishing with rain and blowing a gale. Actually it’s been blowing a gale for weeks now and I’m getting pretty pi55ed off with that. I kid you not, on Wednesday night I was down to second gear in this

140114 007

at Glam. Then two miles up the road at Brochel it was pouring rain and the snow had all but vanished.

140114 009

As usual I called in at ‘number 3’ to check everything was OK and was confronted with this,

150115 007 150115 008

it really has been exceptionally windy, even for here.

Fortunately that was the worst and its easily repaired, though I was a little worried about what greet me up at the new house. Luckily, despite being more exposed, all was well and there had been progress on the interior partitioning.

140114 012 140114 015 140114 017


Typically, the day of the tree across the road that delayed me by ten minutes was the day that I arrived to a totally blacked out ship.

150115 003

A power surge at 5:10am had tripped Hallaig’s shore power connection and left me with the task of recovering all the systems and still sailing on time. Well, I never got my morning cup of tea or two fried eggs before 7:55 but the ship did leave on schedule Smile

After that drama an easy day followed with my hardest task being to repair Henry.

150115 005 150115 004

That will be Henry next to Charlie and two finer companions in the engine room you could not ask for Smile Seriously these Numatic vacuum cleaners are the ‘dogs’, especially Charlie the wet one. Charlie will suck up anything from gear oil to sewage and he never complains. To be honest, the only reason Henry needed a new motor was because some clown (probably me) had failed to realize he was ‘DRY ONLY’ Sad smile Anyway, the motor was cheap enough at £50, when the motor failed on my £80 Karcher it would have cost me £79 for a new one!!!! Needless to say I reluctantly bought another new one and sent my old one to the landfill.


170115 015


The deluge and thaw by with saw the return of the snow

150115 001

and once more I left the Schoolhouse at ‘stupid o clock’ after checking my emails. The council had at last put out piles of salt and I was at least able to throw out a few shovel loads for wifey on my way to work.

170115 005

Phoebe may be 4WD but that’s no use on ice and there are a couple of hills in particular that always have water on them which turns to ice at the first opportunity.


170115 002

True to form the council gritted the slipway at 9:30 once everyone had already been pushed up the hill and several people had slipped and fallen.

170115 003

Still, at least they sent more salt over to Raasay, this time in A Macleod’s lovely old Daf.

The ferry however was ‘quiet as the grave’ with four empty crossings one morning alone.


150115 006

Well, at least we managed to give her a good scrub, the Hallaig that is.

Vodafone Crapfone

Whilst the Vodafone phone signal has at last returned to Sconser, Raasay and parts of Portree it’s still off at Torran so we’ve no way of speaking to the outside world at home. I have tried several times to report the fault without success, despite spending hours on the phone and computer. It really is a friggin joke, their website takes longer than any other website I know to load and is impossible on a poor connection like we have in Torran. If you can get on it it doesn’t give you any contact email so your screwed if there’s no signal. The site has no way of reporting a fault and just keeps sending you around in circles. If you do manage a ‘live chat’ with anyone they’re incompetent, at least that’s my experience after 40 minutes with someone who obviously cannot get by ‘the script’.

If you do manage to find somewhere with a phone signal the story is just the same.

ME I have been cut off for a month in a house at IV40 8PF for a month now, there are three of us here with three phones and we have no way of speaking to the outside world.

Vodafone Can I phone you back on another phone!!!! What is your postcode!!!!! What model of phone are you using!!!!

I despair, it just went on and on, she told me I had a Suresignal, well yes says I but that’s at another house and doesn’t work either. She then promised to phone me back in half an hour, that was on Tuesday and I’m still waiting!!

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