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January 7, 2015

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Quarter to nine at night on a wild, wet, windy Wednesday and I’m pure wrecked, just put my feet up after what has been a long and exhausting day. The wind seems to have shifted to a more westerly quarter over the last hour or so as I can now here it hammering at the double glazing in our new home. We hear naught at ‘number 3’, tucked away as it is with its back to the weather, even the tin roof is deceptively quite, fastened as it is onto boards almost an inch thick with heavy roofing felt in between, insulation below and then wood panelling.

However, that’s it, after spending our last night in ‘number 3’ we made the final move today and I’m now sat enjoying a cold well earned beer in my mates house.

070115 011

Where would I be without my mates, freezing to death in a caravan right now I guess Smile

070115 008

The wee dug doesn’t know what’s going on right enough and keeps standing guard by the door just in case we move off and leave her here. Molly is going to be pretty confused when three other dogs move into her house Smile

It’s that time of year

I awoke this morning to a good gale of wind from the south, not that I knew that until I got out of bed but the heat from all the electric heaters gave me a clue. Of course it was forecast, but XC Weather seems to have been a bit pessimistic these days so I’ve not been putting too much faith in their prophecies of late. Still, it is the 7th of January and all the big storms of the last twenty years or so have arrived here between the 7th and 11th of this month.

The worst of it as far as moving house was concerned was the incessant rain which made the job of shifting everything half a mile along a rough track to our new home a PITA to say the least.


070115 001

The awkward task being made far easier thanks to a couple more mates, one who had loaned me his trailer with suspension and another who had given me those excellent watertight and insulated boxes that were in it. Considering the weather and the fact that stuff had to be manhandled at each end it’s a miracle that nothing was damaged, sodden or broken.

 070115 002

The track itself was taking a pounding with all the rain so I took time to pack a spaded and do a few repairs along the way. This drain wasn’t coping very well  and had to be cleared


070115 003

as did many of the smaller ones along the way. It’s a constant battle with dead leaves and bracken blocking them up and prats with 4WD vehicles blocking them with mud cos they’re too frigging lazy to walk. The last tosser that tried to drive along here with his old Ranger blocked up these and also filled a drain with stones cos his vehicle was to wide for a bridge, lazy git was told not to do it too.

070115 006

Some time after 19:00 the final load arrived, and luckily it had stopped raining so the bedding didn’t need stuffing into the waterproof boxes.

Anyway, that’s us nicely settled in, the only snag being that the weather seems to have taken out the phone mast or something. So apart from emails we are ‘incommunicado’ and even that is via a satellite link so not the most reliable Sad smile


Feels like home already!

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