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January 2, 2015

The last Hogmanay here :-(

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Well that’s it then, 2014 is history and a new age dawns, or at least a new calendar and a month or two of signing things with the wrong date on. It’s been a pretty quiet affair in ‘number 3’ being as it’s not our home any more and in a day or two we’ll be moving out. I just hope the new custodians will have as happy a time here as we have.

Gone are the days when wifey and I ‘partied hard’, this year has been pretty much a re run of the last couple, with just a quiet family night in. I just don’t have the stamina anymore for raving until sunrise or parties in George Square. Sure I managed to stay up until ‘after the bells’, but only just and I was snoring before 1:00am.

2015 proper arrived on the back of a southerly gale that had the house roasting with excess kilowatts and rain that would have done an Asian monsoon proud. The wind abated but the precipitation didn’t and I set off to do the feeding whilst the rest of the house slumbered on. The shortest day may well have passed by on paper but it hasn’t rolled over into practice yet. Even at 9:00am it was grey and driech but uncannily warm.

The previous days excess and deluge from above tempered my enthusiasm so I pottered about in the house until lunchtime removing the 12v lighting system for the new owners. Then when the weather improved I tootled south in Phoebe to do a little ‘first footing’


010115 004

or should I say ‘first piping’. Wracked with guilt at leaving my mate with a leaking converter cooler pipe I made the Hallaig my first ‘port of call’ and assisted in doing the task on the heat exchanger that I’d failed to sort last week.

010115 005

That done it was off to see Jessie Nicolson and Willie the Wiz to drain the last of my bottle of Bells.

010115 006

Still, with a little luck, in another few years Raasay will have its first ever legally made whiskey  . Plans are afoot to invest huge sums of money into converting the old Borodale House into a micro distillery with bar and visitor centre.

010115 007

Something will provide much needed employment and hopefully attract more visitors.

After that it was away home whilst still daylight so that I could deal with the hens,


010115 008

the rain may well have stopped but the burns where still swollen.

010115 011

A couple of hinds at Tarbert.

010115 014

By the time I’d cleaned and fed the hens light had faded and I spent a little time up at the barn cutting sections of imitation wood to hide the holes left by my 12v lighting.

010115 015

I know, I know, it sounds naff, but it actually looks OK, the stuff was left here by the double glazing company who installed our windows 12 years ago. I just knew I’s find a use for it one day.

010115 018

020115 001

That was it really, we celebrated New Year’s day without any turkey whatsoever, for the first time in my life we managed to eat it all before the following year Smile We did however have a delicious steak pie with all the trimmings.


010115 020 010115 021 010115 022

My son was in charge of the Prosecco , which was the largest bang of the New Year so far Smile



  1. happy new year Paul all the best for you and the family in the new house (when you move in)



    Comment by Alistair — January 2, 2015 @ 9:18 am

  2. Happy new year Paul. That’s great news about a distillery. I need an excuse to come over more often, been far too busy with other islands this year to get over and day hello to you and the new house.

    Comment by simon — January 2, 2015 @ 11:03 am

  3. Distillery sounds good
    all the best to you & family in your new home
    will hopefully make it to rassay this year at some point
    always enjoy your news

    Comment by Alan patrick — January 2, 2015 @ 2:07 pm

    • Distillery sounds good indeed Alan, and welcome aboard.

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — January 2, 2015 @ 11:58 pm

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