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November 14, 2014

Like a motorway :-)

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Another early start this morning, though in all honesty 7:00am feels like early this time of year, which in reality I guess is what it was.


Either way, it was a fine morning with half a gale of south east wind that felt like it had come in from the Sahara. The strong winds, bright days and full burns providing the ‘wee hoose’ with so much power of late that we’ve been using the ovens for most meals. A roast chicken last night, cheese on toast for breakfast and some oven chips tonight. Come the cold dark, calm frosty nights that winter will undoubtedly bring and we’ll not be so blaze about leaving all the lights on, ‘but make hay as the sun shines’ or wind blows Smile

As today would be a ‘short day’ on account of me delivering ‘sister in law’ to the ferry at 14:30 and then collecting the Dude I got straight on with the hen run.


It’s far easier putting up 6’ chicken netting in a gale with two people than one.


The secret seems to be to stretch a wire along the top then hang the netting from that using soft steel wire. Then when the netting is hanging nicely fasten one end square to a post, or in this case the shed, then use battens to fasten it to the posts.


It took us all morning but the result was a nice tight, straight and sturdy hen run toward what will be their new field.


The almost full gale of dry, warm wind from the eastern quarter being a far cry from the usual wet stuff we get from the west at this time of year. Grian a Sgeir being sheltered by Raasay and Fladda but the ‘white horses’ clearly visible off shore, with waves battering the ‘Dutchman’s cap’ of Brothers point on Skye.

All too soon it was time to ‘call it a day’, take my helper to the ferry and await for my sons return from school. The journey down there being far, far quicker and smoother than it has been in years.


Well, apart from the last bit Smile The council have at last found the money and will to repair the worst of Raasay’s roads, and what a fine job they’ve done of it. Admittedly parts were so bad that the post van couldn’t get up some hills due to the loose stones, collapsed verges and potholes. Well this week they chartered Ferguson’s landing craft and ‘blitzed’ the worst sections.


The ex military landing craft ‘Carrie Anne’ shuttling tar lorries to and fro all week.


They had some serious amounts of hardware over and a large squad of men


who really did a first class job.

The Hallaig, freshly back from her first annual docking making good use of her huge car deck.


They’d better not dirty the deck Smile


You certainly wouldn’t have got this lot on the Striven or Tarbert.


You don’t get light like this in the summer

After I’d deposited ‘sis in law’ I took a trip over on the Hallaig to catch up on developments, have a cuppa and pass some time until the Dude returned. Filling in the extra with a visit to my mate Willie Eyre and the shop, whereupon Davy and I marvelled at the sky.


Davy, a keen photographer commented “you don’t get light like this in the summer”.


Definitely can’t argue with that matey Smile

Raasay House tomorrow




  1. Don’t for get give generously to Pudsey👍

    Comment by Polite Scouser — November 14, 2014 @ 11:29 pm

  2. Wow! The village notice board looks like an ancient monument with that incredible sky behind it!


    Comment by Sue — November 15, 2014 @ 12:12 am

  3. Paul,
    Glad to see that you are back home and making the most of your time on the croft.
    One of the great beauties of the NW of Scotland being that no matter how much H2o comes out of the sky, when it stops and brightens up the quality of light is amazing and photographs seldom do it justice. Cracking picture.
    Christmas has arrived early and credit to the council for eventually repairing the road to a good standard.


    Comment by Arthur T Bomber Harris — November 15, 2014 @ 8:16 am

  4. I wonder if the road repairs would have happened if it wasn’t for your blog continually highlighting the appalling state of the roads

    Comment by Lloyd — November 15, 2014 @ 3:20 pm

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