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April 26, 2014

Live from Hallaig

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Seven thirty on Saturday evening and my first attempt at blogging from the ship, hard to believe that she’s been here six months now and this is almost the first time I’ve brought my laptop aboard. The truth is there’s just not been the time, only now after six months of working on her has there been time to get into a regular routine and start to relax a little. Between training ourselves, training others, getting used to all her systems so they become ‘second nature’ we’ve hardly had chance to get into a real regular routine. There have been some forty different crew ‘signed on’ since January, we’ve all taken holidays and there was of course the spell in Mallaig. Consequently it’s only this week that I’ve not been ‘chasing my tail’ in fact, it’s only today, for the first few days were spent deep in the ‘ISM filing system’ but I’ll not bore you with that.

Where was I

After my ‘wee rant’ last night I kind of lost the thread a bit and retired to bed but I seem to remember leaving you on Thursday, early as it turned out.



I managed to ‘jump ship’ as soon as we landed on Raasay at 7:10, leaving the vessel in the capable hands of the ‘opposite shift’ who had been called out to man her. A lorry had travelled up from Ocean Safety in Greenock with four replacement life rafts that had to be fitted overnight.



So, I left the ship and headed home, hoping to be there a little earlier than usual and perhaps do a little blogging. That all went ‘pear shaped’ when I decided to tinker about with the nozzles of the hydro turbine to try and squeeze a few more watts out of it. As we head into the ‘dry season’ it can help to turn off the larger nozzle so as not to have the turbine drawing in air when there’s not so much water in the burn.

Whilst down at the turbine shed I took the opportunity to switch them all off, inspect the jets and give everything a clean. Unfortunately as soon as I turned the water back on a hose burst and drenched me, I was not amused, especially as it was almost 21:00 by the time I got in.

Friday, well, I’ve no photo’s so can’t remember what I did, however, it was a lovely day and did bring with it the first cuckoo. Apart from that I seem to think I spent the day buried in the office chasing documents and registers. This morning brought with it the first greyness in a while and I arrived at work to find two yachts swinging on the freshly checked visitor moorings.



The youth hostel is ablaze!!

A quiet Saturday was brightened up by a blazing youth hostel, fire appliance, lifeboat and four casualties.


The helicopter couldn’t make it Smile it was of course just an exercise in dealing with a serious incident on Raasay.


The RNLB Stanley Watson Barker arriving just in time for the perfect photo opportunity Smile



Apparently the four casualties were recovered from the burning hostel and evacuated successfully.







With the excitement over for the day I turned my attention towards the paint locker and its contents.



A nice quite afternoon with the paint roller followed, the first time it’s been ‘used in anger’ aboard our ship Smile


Some cracking pictures of the exercise from David Carslaw’s photostream



and there’s some beauties of our newly refurbished community owned shop.



  1. Paul,
    You are right about David’s pictures, including great ones from the top of Dun Caan. Secondly so nice to see the Post Office allows face to face contact without those glass screens.

    Comment by Arthur T Bomber Harris — April 27, 2014 @ 4:41 am

  2. Hi Paul,
    Do you have an email address? I would like to ask you something about your pictures from this post.
    Thank you,
    Zoe Corrigall

    Comment by Zoe Corrigall — April 27, 2014 @ 9:10 am

  3. good wee life boat that and a dam nice crew, I remember the day she pulled me back to Raasay with the larne when her starter motor fell to bits, and the crew wouldn’t take a couple of quid for a drink, happy days 🙂

    Comment by jimmy mcmillan — April 27, 2014 @ 7:54 pm

  4. you had me going there with the youth hostel fire, Paul

    Comment by cazinatutu — April 27, 2014 @ 8:58 pm

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