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April 9, 2014

Back to the bog :-(

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Seldom have I been so glad to get home yet so disappointed after I’d arrived and settled in. The last day at work, was, as usual manic, quick and good humoured, a feeling known to anyone who works away from home I guess. The loose ends tied up, copious ‘handover notes’ left for my ‘back to back’ and a good ‘face to face’ for an hour or so as we shuttled from Armadale to Mallaing and back with the two crews on board.



I’d already deposited the ‘Old Girl’ and the Thomson at Armadale earlier in the day on a quiet sailing so it was just a case of ‘jumping ship’ at around 17:00 and heading for Sconser.

After seven days of fantastic weather on Raasay and a typical week of April showers at Mallaig I was thinking that we’d seen the end of the incessant rain for a while.


Sure there was a few nasty showers during our spell at Mallaig but they never lasted long and the sun often followed and shuttling between the mainland and Skye was quite pleasant. There were very few crossings when our upper decks were devoid of people taking pictures that’s for sure.


Indeed, Sleat ‘the garden of Skye’ looked greener every time we berthed there.


The long and very wet winter seemed far, far away and my drive home on Tuesday night was blessed by much colour from gorse, primrose, daffodil and azaleas. The last eleven miles from the pier to Arnish being a pure joy after the excellent road repairs by Norman and Neil, seldom have I dragged the Thomson up or down the Arnish road with such ease. My spirits were further lifted by long green grass on the lawn, the fiery yellow berberis   flowers by our garden bench and the long green leaves of our iris’s. Of course there were a whole neap more of whites, lilacs, and purples belonging to plants who’s name I know not.

By the time I crossed the threshold to be greeted extremely enthusiastically by Molly, enthusiastically by wife and almost enthusiastically by teenage son I was extremely happy Smile A few glasses of Muriel rioja  and an early night had me sleeping like a log, dreaming of hen sheds, fencing, wind turbines and all things I was going to do today.

That of course all changed when I arose to pishing rain, half a gale and a forecast  that said it was going to stay like that all day, I was gutted Sad smile Despite a good dry week of east wind, manic muir burning by the crofters and the burns being reduced to a trickle I went outside to be confronted by a bog Sad smile Where on earth is it all coming from, I’ve never seen so much rain!!!!



Fortunately it seems fine enough for the rest of the week and tomorrow looks positively arid by comparison but today was pants.

With that in mind we reluctantly decided to go to Portree for feed and fencing materials but even that was depressing. I arrived home soaking wet, freezing, got undressed and went to bed. Arising around 17:00 I made a bold and vaguely enthusiastic attempt at measuring up for wifey’s raspberry supports, fed the pigs and repaired my mates quad trailer. All in oilskins, wellies and gloves without a single picture taken, now I’m going to have a bath and demolish the rest of ‘Green Van Man’s’ Crossman’s cider.

I had planned to join the rest of Raasay, who will now be settling down to

  in the well laid out ‘Screen Machine’

Now regarded by most as "The Screen Machine", Screen Machine: Take Two is a replacement of the original Screen Machine and has been in service since 15 April 2005.[1] It was built by French company ‘Toutenkamion’, who specialise in custom-built vehicles, including mobile recording studios, restaurants and travelling galleries. Toutenkamion mobile cinemas also operate in France, in the Republic of Ireland, and serving British Armed Forces overseas. Screen Machine 2 is a similar concept to the original, however the capacity is reduced to 80 seats. It is fully 3D compatible. It normally takes three different films on each tour, visiting a community for between one and four days, to give approx 8 or more screenings in total. The cinema is operated by one person, who acts as driver, sets up the cinema on site, sells the tickets, and projects the film.

However I could generate little enthusiasm amongst the rest of the family who have also contracted ‘damp depression’ so I’m going to have a bath and watch TV instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes really, I’m going to watch Enigma if only to see what a hash Mick made of the true story of the breaking of the German Navies Enigma code



  1. Paul,
    It must be great to be back home to those home comforts, great news for the tourists too that the roads on Raasay are looking more like roads than the Somme.
    Could you not use your barn for repairs to your mates quad trailer or are you still trying to keep it clean?
    What are the dimensions of your barn if you do not mind me asking?
    We are up on Skye for a week from this Saturday, if your Portree way please let me know.
    Enjoy the two weeks on the croft.


    Comment by Arthur T Bomber Harris — April 9, 2014 @ 8:27 pm

    • Morning Michael,

      the barn will be 40′ x 20′.

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — April 13, 2014 @ 7:23 am

  2. Perhaps the Dude can show you how to stream movies via your lightening fast internet connection?

    Comment by drgeo — April 11, 2014 @ 12:01 am

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