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January 28, 2014

A fast fortnight :-)

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Well that went by pretty quick that’s for sure, this ‘two weeks on two weeks off’ has a lot going for it. At least it does for me anyway, as I’m home every night, not so sure if I’d be so keen if I was away from home right enough, but right now I’m just loving it. Ask me again if I’m stuck in dry dock down the Clyde for a fortnight and I’ll probably say something else. Seriously though, it’s nearly the end of January, February is just around the corner, the days are stretching and I’ve fourteen days on the croft to look forward to. Not only that but after my next shift I’m on holiday for a month Smile 

It’s been a hectic two weeks aboard the good ship Hallaig with a couple of extra crew being ‘inducted’ in preparation for the commissioning of her sister the MV Lochinvar. The Lochinvar will be going into service on the Tarbert Portavadie route during the summer so the crews and their reliefs will be training aboard the Hallaig for a while yet.



The snags, hitches, glitches and ‘lessons learned’ on Hallaig should make her passage into service a far smother affair than ours, and no doubt the weather will help too Smile One thing for sure, the Hallaig has been well tested in stormy conditions, punching into seas at 8knts that would have had the Striven doing 4knts and sailing when the Loch Class wouldn’t. Sure she’s missed a couple, but it is the middle of the worst winter in years, half the country is underwater, battered by gales and without power, it’s not a train on rails, it’s a ship Smile

Calm at last

After our recent battering it was good to have some respite, and whilst Monday started off pretty grim at 6:00am



it gradually improved as the day wore on.



In preparation for today’s planned power outage, SSE sent over a large generator and cherry picker


that you barely noticed  on the car deck.



Incessant rain was gradually replaced by showers, the wind died away and it turned into a lovely afternoon.



Fantastic vistas over towards the east and Plockton.


Light enough at 17:00 to do the Sunday boat drill that had been shelved due to the weather,


with smiles all round as our shifts started to draw to a close.

When all ‘ferrying’ was finished for the day I headed home, calling at the new house to admire Lachie’s slating that he was still doing by  floodlight and head torch.


The last day of the shift and the best day of the year


What a start Smile


Well you wouldn’t have got this lot on the Striven, that’s for sure,



there would have been a few ‘late starts’ today had a ‘loch class’ made the first sailing. OK there were one or two quieter runs but on the whole it was very busy, the well forecast power cut driving people off the island to do shopping I guess. And I’m guessing the 17:30 was ‘mobbed’ for I handed over to my ‘back to back’ at 16:15 and the island was still full of traffic then.

Wifey reported sun streaming into the house and I headed home in daylight Smile



OK, perhaps not full daylight



but a lovely pink glow on the sea by Manitoba.

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