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January 14, 2014

And now the ‘two weeks on’ :-)

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Ah well, the first ‘two weeks off’ flew by right enough, fourteen days into 2014 and that’s me back at work on our new shift pattern. Of course it wasn’t ‘first thing’, no, I still had a good deal to do before relieving my ‘back to back’ at 16:00.


The first, whilst it was still dark and before I fed the pigs was to modify a stainless steel chimney cowl for my parents. It’s for their oil fired Rayburn and is way too high, allowing water to run down the flue. It had that look of something made from recycled stainless steel sink tops from a dump outside Lagos. Perfectly adequate for job and probably fed a few Nigerians well on the 50p they got paid for it but I resent the fact that my mum probably paid £50 for the friggin thing, especially when it was obviously designed for African or Indian rain which probably comes ‘down the way’ and not ‘sideways’ at 80mph  Smile



Once daylight had broken and I’d fed the pigs it was off up to the new house to see how Lachie was getting on,


the string of lights and head torch indicating that he’d started early. Well he would wouldn’t he because I’d made the caravan so cold that he’d be unable to sleep! Only kidding Smile

005  006 007

Reluctantly I tore myself away from the Spanish slates, the Staffin builder, his plethora of lead working and slating accoutrements and headed for my place of work.



I dunno where these sheep came from but if they’ve no tags in their ears then one will be going in the freezer, if they have then they’re a long way from home. Judging by the blue mark on one of them they’ve just wandered through a hole in the boundary fence so are safe Smile We just had some Raasay reared lamb, well old Soay sheep, for dinner on Sunday and I’ve just got the taste for it Smile



Calum’s road at Tarbert and ‘the hill of the hind’ bathed in the rays of the rising sun at 9:00am.



A fresh load of concrete arriving on my place of work at 9:55Smile



Whilst not actually starting work for another six hours I started on the ‘handover’ with my ‘back to back’, there’s much more to go through when you are at work for two weeks. I was well impressed with his tool board Smile


However, I’ve just noticed that the jar of stainless steel self tapping screws I brought from home is empty Sad smile



As soon as we landed on Skye I headed for my parents and a few jobs on the roof, fitting the Nigerian chimney cowl, covering an unused chimney with lead, clearing some gutters and taking the dogs for a walk.



I know, I know, it’s pretty lame but it’s 22:00 now and I’ve to be up at 5:30.

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