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January 13, 2014

Jewson’s deliver :-)

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Well after 21:00 and fast approaching bed time so this is going to be quick, It’s been an exciting day and quite memorable. The ‘memorable’ beginning at well before 7:00am when my son got his self up for school and ate a breakfast before I took him down the road to catch the 7:55 ferry. Then it was straight home to feed the pigs and await the slates Smile Almost 5000 Spanish ones for the roof of our new house were due to arrive off the first ferry and I wanted to be there to catch it on film.


So I went up to the new house site that affords a great view of Calum’s road and Loch Arnish only to discover that I’d actually left my camera at home Sad smile I was thinking that the driver would be wanting to leave 10 ton of slates and 2 tons of blocks in the car park, but not a bit of it. She was game to take them right up to the house and deposit them there, which would save a lot of work moving them with the telehandler, especially is it wasn’t actually on site yet.



Definitely ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ for the driver and her dog Smile



Probably she does this kind of thing everyday but it was certainly well appreciated ‘at the end of the road’, thanks Jewson’s





Beats the carp out of carrying them that’s for sure.






Once they were unloaded and the truck away I got on with some more wiring in the ‘power house’ and helped wifey do some work in the caravan.



Later on I hitched a lift south with GDD to go and collect Lachie’s telehandler from the pier



which went just fine until it went dark



and I discovered that the lights were rubbish Smile

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