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January 8, 2014

Skyped :-)

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Well, you’re not going to get much out of me tonight I’m afraid, already It’s 21:45,


the second bottle of wine has been opened and the ‘wee dug’ is chasing a Boursin wrapper around the kitchen floor. From this you can deduce that both wifey and I are ‘well oiled’ and have just had a severe dose of the munchies, leaving Molly to hoover up the crumbs from the biscuits and prepare the cheese wrapper for the blue bin.

The reason that I’m blogging when I should be getting ready for bed is that I’ve been ‘Skyeping’ thanks to Patrick . OK, it’s pretty obvious to most people, but I’d never realized that you could ‘Skype’ a landline and I already had an account. I’d created one over a year ago to try and see darling wife whilst I was stuck in the ‘Village’ doing pointless training with the rest of my shipmates.

     Prisoner sm.jpg

It seems like a lifetime ago now and the Skype was pretty useless on our satellite link with due to the latency and pathetic data allowance. However the program was still on my laptop so I ‘fired it up’ bunged a tenner in my account and ‘hey presto’ the clearest, sharpest calls I’ve had on a phone since I started diving in 1977!!! Seriously, I’ve not had a decent phone conversation in forty years, I hate the fecking thing cos I can’t hear it. OK, my hearing has been dodgy for years on account of my diving and it’s not helped that I’ve lived 11 miles from the telephone exchange for almost 25 years, but I hate using the phone. Having the called person blasting out in ‘Conexant smart audio stereo’ from the laptop however puts a whole new perspective on this telephone lark, so I’ve been phoning everyone from mum to mum in law just to check it out Smile


So, that’s why I’m late (and pished) so I’ll now try and recall what I did for the rest of the day, well for one thing I didn’t wear any oilskins or wellies for the first time in weeks.



There was rain, but on the whole it stayed on Skye and passed us by, we did get the odd shower but much work got done on the new house



and GDD turned up with his truck and digger.



You’ve gotta laugh or else you’d cry, Hooky can get this beast up, there’s been two articulated lorries up to Arnish, Jewson’s have delivered several times, a cattle float has been up here, the bin lorry comes up every week and the coal lorry every other week. All these vehicles are heavier and longer than the oil tanker which refuses to deliver past Brochel!!!! We definitely need some competition in the oil market on Raasay, there’s plenty of companies that would be glad of the extra business Smile




064  011111 014 (Small) 180112 015

All these and many more have visited ‘the end of the road’ yet can’t manage it Sad smile

It’s not like we need oil every week at the north end of Raasay, a couple of deliveries a year would be just fine.



Anyway, that’s it now, it’s well after 23:00 and I need my bed, so I’ll just leave you with some lights in the barn


and some pigs coming for a visit Smile


Oh, and of course the cat


in its nest.

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