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January 6, 2014

Cheers Dido :-)

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Of course it could be a pure coincidence but the phone has mysteriously started working again after I dropped Dido the CEO of Talk Talk a line. I could have laid it on thick in the email but I didnae, figuring that Dido would loose interest after the first paragraph. So I made it short, humorous and mentioned pigs, apparently she was raised on a pig farm Smile It goes without saying that I casually dropped in the 420,000 visitors last year and a link to . Expecting the usual standard reply I was surprised to receive one sent at 23:25

File:A Smiley.jpg

I am very sorry that you have had to contact me directly .   I have asked
one of my team to investigate this immediately, and we will be in touch
In the meantime, please accept my sincere apologies.
Best wishes

headed with a smiley. Now you don’t send smiley’s to irate customers so I’m guessing that she really did read it, and true to her word Mickey her executive manager was in touch at 13:25.

The phone has actually ‘fixed itself’ for a couple of days before, but it rang around 18:00 for the first time in weeks, and guess what, it was somebody trying to sell the wife life insurance Smile Smile I think she was so glad to hear a clear and crisp line that she spoke to him for much longer than the usual, ‘NO, I DON’T WANT ANY’ Smile 

Anyway, it’s early days yet but with a bit of luck I’ll be able to speak to the bank tomorrow and pay some bills, have you any idea how hard it is to pay anyone when you’ve no phone?

The ‘year of the house’

Normality is being restored after the festive break, for today it was back to some semblance of routine, the routine of taking the Dude to school. The routine of “have you got everything” to which he invariably replies “yes”. I then quiz the boy who is about to depart for a week in the hostel, “have you got a towel”, “no” he says, “have you got your shower gel”, “no”, and so it goes on Smile Anyway, I got him off on the 7:55 with all the other scholars from Raasay, the only difference being that they’d all be back home tonight Sad smile 

As soon as I got back home I led Rocky out onto the hill and then, with just the tiniest of difficulty I managed to separate Ellie from her wains and led her out too.


The pair of them followed the quad down to the lurve shack and as soon as he’d finished eating his breakfast he started trying to hump the poor girl.

Much to my delight, and just as promised, Lachie and his brother Donald turned up to restart work on the new house in earnest.



The weather was atrocious to say the least


but they were ‘hard at it’ until dark and the inevitable rush for the 17:30 ferry, I just hope it ran!!!


wind 060114

If my sheltered anemometer is showing 47mph of south wind at 17:40 then you can bet it’s blowing much harder than that at the south end.

weather 060114

I really must move this up to the new house to get a true reading of what the weather is doing.

Whilst the boys were busy fitting the soffits and facia boards I was working on the caravan, trying to sort a leak out and attempting to connect up to the septic tank.



As well as dealing with the hens, giving the freshly weaned piglets extra food, and of course feeding the ‘love birds’.


I just don’t get it

I have tried, I’ve even set up an account but this whole ‘Facebook’ thing is beyond me, I get a dozen ‘pokes’, ‘friend requests’ or messages a day from people I don’t know, or don’t want to know. It all started a few years ago when I kept getting ‘referrals’ to my blog from ‘Facecrook’  so I foolishly opened an account to see what the feck it was all about. Well, it’s beyond me ‘walls’, ‘pokes’, ‘likes’, I just don’t get it. OK, I’m a bit of a dinosaur on the technology front but after following hundreds of email links to dross I now delete all correspondence from them without even looking. I don’t want to play some stupid game with my sister in law, I’m not interested in some Ukrainian tart who’s ‘looking for a faithful man’ and I don’t give a fig about what some dude in Ohio thinks about Aerosmith.

Sure it’s great if you want to keep in touch with old pals from primary school, it’s fantastic if you live in a flat in Harringay and don’t like Coronation St and I’m sure it’s just boodly marvellous if your an expat in Bulgaria, but me, well, it’s beyond me Sad smile That is until today when I discovered Calum’s page, or whatever you call it , OK, I’ve still got Olga, Christina, Alenka, and Natasha in the sidebar.


For friths sake I’m 57, happily married and have never visited a porn site in my life, what the frig is all that about, does my fourteen year old son get the same offers of marriage from the former USSR ???

Anyway, Calum’s ‘Isle of Raasay’ page is well worth a ‘bookmark’

Photo: We had to save a porpoise yesterday! A baby porpoise washed up on the shore during an exceptionally high tide, and my poor father was tasked with carrying the poor thing quite a distance so we could lower it into some deeper water. It came ashore again, but after that it seemed to disappear. Hopefully it found it's way home! We didn't get many good photos, except this less than flattering photo of my dad resting as he carried it to the water -C

I guarantee that you’ll never find another picture ‘on the net’ of a ships master carrying a baby porpoise Smile Priceless, and the video from 1997 of the MV Raasay check it out now.


Not the same Dido I know but she’s Rollo’s brother from Faithless and they’re my favourite band of all time Smile Not only that but it’s great album and she’s sung with Faithless Smile


Then of course there’s Eminem,




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