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September 22, 2013

It’s only a cold :-)

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That’s me got the ‘man flu’ for the first time in years, OK, it’s just a cold but me being a guy just has to ‘big it up’, anyway, I retired early last night after two Lem Sip’s which seem to have done the trick. Perhaps it’s because they’ve replaced the caffeine with aspartame ??? what’s all that about.

Anyway, it’s almost 7:00am now on a Sunday morning  and I’m in Port Ellen on Islay having just had the best nights sleep this shift


and started the day with yet another dose of Lemsip with honey in it.

Thirteen and a half hours later and I’ll see what I can do about finishing this off, the cold is bearable, probably on account of all the paracetamol, aspartame and honey in my system. However much as it’s woken me up, removed my headache, fixed my sore throat and decongested me it’s not really given me much enthusiasm on the blogging front. In fact you’ll have Davie and his excellent photo’s to thank for that, for my arrival in Port Ellen and the resulting internet connection meant that I could check out his photostream . There are some crackers on there from the weeks excitement on Raasay, all of which I sadly missed.

Our shop 3

‘Our shop’ was officially handed over to the community

Our shop 1  Our shop 2

amidst great celebration and with the ‘post lady’ appearing on TV Smile

Then a few days later Charles Kennedy officially opened Raasay house with the help of Jessie Nicolson and Calum Duncan,

Charles and Jessie


Calum Charles and Jessie

all the while I was ‘slaving away’ 100miles to the south.


OK, perhaps ‘slaving’ is not quite the right adjective, for, apart from the cold it’s been an enjoyable trip aboard the MV Finlaggan


and I even ended up in the funnel Smile


with another motorman

010  011

and the sewage tank breather pipe. Fortunately I was on the upwind side whilst we worked on it, my compatriot was not Sad smile


There was more, much more but it’s taken me two hours to write this and I’m fed up now Sad smile It may only be a cold and not even 21:30 but I’m whacked and need my bed.



  1. Hi Paul, hope the man flu is easing …. two things
    – is there a video of the post lady’s debut on TV
    – why is Charles Kennedy apparently cutting a ribbon in front of a window

    Comment by cazinatutu — September 22, 2013 @ 10:03 pm

    • Hi Caz, man flu improving and I have absolutely no idea why Charlie was in front of the window or if there are any videos of darling wife available.

      Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — September 23, 2013 @ 10:59 am

  2. Paul,

    While I was not qualified to offer an opinion on the cut or not to cut episode I feel that I can assist in your recovery, well maybe not now but to prevent it in the future.
    Next time I am passing I shall bring you a bottle of this:
    known to cure all colds and warms you from the inside out.
    I used to have a concoction that my nan used to make me, about a tot of whisky, the juice from half a lemon, a good teaspoon of honey and under quarter a mug of hot water. Then a couple of glasses of fresh orange juice a day.
    Hope you feel better soon.


    Comment by Arthur T Bomber Harris — September 23, 2013 @ 1:06 pm

  3. A community buy-out for the Youth Hostel now then? I’ll come up and warden it for a few weeks as I have been doing for the past 10 years, and I’m sure most of the other volunteer wardens would also still be interested in doing the same. I am so sad that it is up for sale and might not be a hostel any more! Uig hostel also for sale! I would have thought that one would be ok as many people stay there overnight before/after catching the ferry to Western Isles.

    Comment by Frances — September 25, 2013 @ 10:50 am

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