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September 12, 2013

Up to Harry’s shed :-)

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Cable laying is on hold just now until my son is home for the weekend so I made good use of the day by doing some work on Harry’s new house. Harry is the Lister HR2 12kw generator that will be our ‘standby’ for the new house, he’s a little OTT size wise and 6kw, like Cyril the SR2 would probably have sufficed. However Harry’s extra capacity would enable us to put 6kw of heat into the 1500lt thermal store at the same time as putting 100amps into our 48v battery bank.

My first task was to finish mounting the exhaust, a serious piece of 2.5” steel tube that would discharge through the wall of the shed. My initial plan was to take it straight out along the centre line of the shed as that would exit further away from the house. However I thought that putting a 90 degree bend on it would drastically reduce vibration along the length of the pipe.


I carefully measured it first as I wanted a very slight downward slope to prevent water ingress up the pipe. Then I removed a section of corrugated iron from the outside and cut a hole with the jig saw.



A heavy gauge aluminium angle with nylon inserts screwed with large coach bolts secured to the lintel and a heavy pipe clamp finished it off.  A ‘Stirling board’ piece with a hole bored through sealed up the gaps on the inside



and a piece of ‘Plastisol’ covered steel left over from the barn finished the outside. A little more paint and a finisher on the end of the pipe will tidy it up but I really need to be running Harry to make sure he doesn’t shake his shed to bits first. I don’t think so as much thought has gone into what will essentially be the ‘power station’ for our barn and house. A six inch timber frame stuffed full of insulation, clad inside and out and with a good solid concrete floor.

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I am very proud of this ‘lean too’ shed that is made almost entirely out of ‘left overs’ 

My next plan had been to start making a  concrete base for the 1250lt fuel tank I’d been given but the weather intervened, it started pishing down so I moved inside and got on with some wiring.


It was only a couple of sockets but it took me the rest of the day



still, I was well pleased with the result



and tomorrow I’ll get the lights in Smile

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