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June 3, 2013

Just the two of us :-)

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That’s it, the wife’s away, the boy’s in the hostel and the ‘Beetle man’, well he’s probably somewhere in Yorkshire by now, so it’s just me and the ‘wee dog’ tonight. To be honest I wouldn’t be writing this if I had my way, no siree, I’d be in my bed, but those pesky hens need shut in. Actually they don’t ‘need’ shutting in but we do close the gate to their enclosure once they’re all roosting just to ‘spoil the fun’. That will be the fun of searching the croft for nests of eggs. Sure if you keep your hens in some boringly small and unexciting run then they will go back in their house to lay an egg but Arnish is way too interesting for that. We’ve had eggs behind the generator, in a washing machine drum, trailer, bonfire, fertilizer bag,  and a dozen other places

 139 170 

so now we keeps them locked in their run until after lunch.

washing machine nest  004

It’s not half as exciting taking them out of the nesting boxes but at least you know when they’ve been laid Smile

Jeeze, it’s take me almost an hour to find that photo and now it’s 23:00, almost dark and I’d better go and do it!!!!!!

Well that’s it four minutes past eleven and I’ll plonk away on here for as long as it takes me to finish the last can of Carlsberg, hic. Five years I lived on my own and never once drank alone, now I’m married with child and can’t wait to be alone to hammer the ‘tinnies’ Smile Only kidding, it’s been a long and very busy day so I’ve earned it.

Unusually it started off with the alarm on my phone, I say unusually because I’m one of those few people that don’t actually need an alarm clock, in fact I only got one when I started working on the ferry. However today it actually woke me from a deep sleep of mad dreams involving, well best not go into that, but suffice to say I was fast asleep when it went off at 6:00am.


Just over an hour later, the Dude, carrying all he required for the week, the ‘Beetle Man’ complete with pickled coleoptera  and two weeks worth of rubbish, Molly and I headed for the ferry.


And, just as soon as they’d departed I got on with a little ‘guerrilla quarrying’ on the beach.



It was great to see that all the remains and carp from the ‘Golden Emblem’ had at last been removed, no doubt at great expense Sad smile The ‘Golden Emblem’ being this once proud fishing boat,

that degenerated into this,

    020212 014

finally ending up as a golden ember on the beach in front of Raasay House Sad smile sad indeed.


Anyway, it’s almost midnight, the can is nearly empty and my eyes sore so I’d better bash on.



Driving slowly north with my trailer load of beach pebbles for wifey’s garden paths I was watched by two hinds at ‘ the hill of the lamb’


with its fine view over the Brochel loch towards Torran and the ‘Pipers rock’.



We then, we being the ‘wee dug’ and I, passed by what to my knowledge is the only bit of gorse in Arnish, a small clump that has appeared near the pig sign.



The rest of the day was spent on the roof, cutting rushes, over at Torran, cutting the lawn, fixing a path, cleaning water troughs and feeding animals but it’s almost midnight now and I need my bed Smile



  1. Jeez Paul, and your on holiday you’ll want to get back to work for a rest I expect. I have just got round to reading Calum’s Road what a book and what a man. Stan

    Comment by Stan Henderson — June 4, 2013 @ 5:20 pm

  2. Hi Paul

    We’re coming up to Raasay on Saturday and hope to catch the 4.15 ferry, but you won’t be working it this time! Don’t know whether my friend the skipper will be there, either – is he being trained away from the Loch Striven like you? Will be motoring up to the north end at some point and will have a look at your new house (if it can be seen from the road). Was hoping to get over to Rona, but not practical – your neighbour there would have picked us up from Kyle Rona but it’s a bit much these days to walk there and back, let along spend the day on Rona as well!



    Comment by Sue — June 5, 2013 @ 8:08 am

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