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May 8, 2013

I should have stayed awake :-(

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It wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d been at home, then at least I could have done something at 4:30 in the morning. Here on the Heb all I can do is go cross eyed on here or admire my birthday cards in my cabin Sad smile Thanks by the way for all the ‘many happy returns’ on Facebook and here but yours truly can’t work Facebook and is having a minor melt down about being 57, so just take it as read that I’m very grateful and I’m sure I’ll get over it.

The wee lie down that I had yesterday after departing Uig turned into a full blown sleep, and though I did get up for an hour or so around 21:00, mainly to eat, I was back in my bed for 22:30. Of course I’m paying for it now here in Tarbert at 4:30am watching the day get brighter and feeling like I’ve an extremely long day ahead of me. It’s a full three hours to breakfast and that will be a bowl of muesli Sad smile Perhaps I’ll push the boat out and accompany it with a bacon roll. Anyway, yesterday it was almost like a proper spring day, actually it was a proper spring day, the only thing missing being the elusive cuckoo. Though in all fairness the chances of hearing that in the Minch are pretty slender, gannets diving for fish, plenty, dolphins, well almost Smile

006  007

This will be my crewmate Neil who I’m guessing will fail his ENG1 medical on grounds of poor eyesight Smile I think his watch keeping duties should be restricted to painting flagpoles as he sees things Smile

The day was so nice in fact that we managed to spend a good deal of it on the fo’cs’le or forecastle . It’s not a castle but in the 16th century it would have been and the name stuck.




As you can see from the other Lewis mans grin, it was a very enjoyable day up there between ports, basking in the sunshine and breathing in the paint fumes Smile



Barely a ripple at sea too with this little creel boat making the most of it as we approached Harris in the afternoon.



These two lonely sentinels at the entrance to Loch Maddy will be the Maddies, probably not how you spell it but they’re the two ‘dogs’ or maybe wolves that watch the mouth of the loch  (Scottish Gaelic: Loch nam Madadh, “Loch of the Hounds”)

I was not the only one taking advantage of the good weather


7 may 13 006


for wifey heard activity up at the new house Smile Lachie Gillies our builder is an unusual breed, unlike every other one I’ve heard of, if he says he’ll turn up on a certain day, he usually turns up two days early Smile Actually I think he does that so I’ll not go up to the site and take pictures of him, when I saw him on Monday he said he’d be up on Thursday!!!!

7 may 13 005


7 may 13 004

My wife was not the only one up there admiring his work,

7 may 13 001

now you don’t see many of those in the Minch,


or indeed old tractors crossing eastwards!!!! The old three cylinder International looking rather forlorn in front of the brand new Manitou forklift.




Anyway, that’s it, looks like another nice day, may even get the fo’cs’le primed today Smile



Tarbert from a salt caked cabin window at 5:40, things could be much worse Smile

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