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April 28, 2013

Packed once more

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Just after 7:00am on a Sunday and once more the bag is packed, having not long since unpacked it and washed the contents. I’m on my travels once more this time to Aberdeen on a training course, now there’s a surprise, PSCRB no less, why do these courses always have mountains of initials, PSST, SHIPS, PAXTRIM, blah, blah blah. Anyway it’s Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (excluding FRC), there’s another, FRC or Fast Rescue Craft, it would have to exclude that wouldn’t it, that could have been quite fun Smile

Anyway I’ve been up since 5:30, almost done the VAT return (now there’s a surprise) fed the animals and finished my packing, it’s pishing with rain and I’m now at a loose end for a couple of hours. A better morning would have seen my hauling 20 bags of coal over to Torran but I can delegate that to the ‘man of the house’ in  my stead.

Seven minutes !!!

Friday saw me at the blunt end of the ship for assisting with pulling the ship forward on to the linkspan with the capstans and winches. A fine morning it was too at 6:30 as the sun just started to poke its head above the horizon somewhere in the vicinity of Scalpay.


The sun looked great but I wasn’t too impressed with the fresh snow on Harris Sad smile


A few hours later we were in Uig, my cabin cleaned, bag packed and bridge informed, I jumped ship and headed for Portree and some potatoes.



The ‘serious’ clam divers were just heading out as I headed in so to speak, I call the Sarah’s crew serious because I’ve known them for years and the two boys on the deck usually lift as many clams in a day as could in a week Smile


Up the hill out of Uig and away towards Skye’s capital I stopped to photograph my place of work and a rainbow, the ‘Heb’ looked lovely but the ‘rainblob’ colourless by the time I’d sorted the camera.


I was hoping to catch the 10:25 ferry but that went severely ‘pear shaped’ at the Co op when armed with a few ‘Roosters’ and a bottle of wine I was told ‘your seven minutes early’ !!!!!!! Apparently the inner cities are awash with teenage binge drinkers and winos so in an attempt to curb this you can no longer buy a bottle of wine before 10:00am!!!! What is the point of that, all the friggin teenagers are either at school or in their friggin beds and how many winos do you see on the street at that time of day!!!! I’ve not had a friggin drink in a month, fancy sharing a bottle of wine with darling wife in front of the fire and to so I have to wait seven fecking minutes and miss a ferry!!!



Work was progressing at Sconser with the slates on the back of the waiting room and some guys stood on a raft ‘chipping and painting’. I think a needle gun would have been more appropriate and I bet the slates are off by next January, around the same time that the flimsy wooden doors are ripped off the shed by the first gale of west wind.

Clowns, I told them to use a roller shutter door and any fool can see that most houses in Sconser use Decra roofing as it’s the only thing that stays on there. Not only that but its a fraction of the cost and looks great, we very seriously thought about it for our new house.



Our new house having gained more of a roof in my absence




and the Storr a little ridge of white.

Anyway, that’s it, 8:10 and I need to get my act together.

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