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April 16, 2013

Back on the ‘Heb’

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Tuesday already, Tuesday night even, for now it’s well after 21:00 and I’m just sitting down in my cosy little berth aboard the MV Hebrides. Having just had a shower after another hectic day and ‘chilling’ in my wacky trousers with a cup of tea. A bottle of red wine would be more appropriate after the last couple of days but there’ll be none of that until I reach Arnish on Friday night, boy I can’t wait Smile



I left home on Monday just after 7:00 with the boy, him for the hostel and me for the hospital for an overdue X-ray on the right knee. The knee that had me hobbling about for months having now miraculously cured itself Smile Typical, but the appointment fitted in reasonably well with heading for the ‘Heb’ and I could join her at 13:30 instead of the usual 9:30.



Just a stones throw from home we spotted the two fine stags that have been ‘in my sights’ on more than one occasion, though on this morning the pair of them were minus their antlers. You can see the dark leathery skin where they would have been just a few days ago and in another few weeks there should be an even finer set grown in their place as these beasts are in tip top condition after our exceedingly mild and storm free winter.

009  010

This is the pair around a month ago and you can see what fine condition they’re in, with great coats and a good ‘layer of fat’, not that there’s actually much fat on venison but you know what I mean.

So somewhere very near ‘Calum’s road’ end there should be a fine set of coat hangers for someone Smile Me I’ve got ‘hunners of them’, this being a Scottish word derived from the English ‘hundreds’  but actually meaning anything more than three Smile Just something that I picked up from the wife who, even after fourteen years still surprises me with fresh phrases in Glaswegian.  The most recent one being when I phoned here from South Shields and enquired upon the speed of our internet connection, “as slow as a week in jail” she replies Smile


Back at sea



Leaving a misty North Uist.



The restless Minch.

I know, it’s pretty lame but it’s been a long couple of days and I need my bed.

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