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March 13, 2013

Four years on

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Half past six in the morning, yours truly had little inspiration for posting last night due to lack of cider, sore knee and French genius Smile The abstinence from scrumpy was through  choice, the Gallic masterpiece a film by Jean Pierre Jeunet and the right knee a friggin nuisance Sad smile 


A touch of genius from the same stable as Amelie and Delicatessen, Micmacs centres around a sting operation on two arms dealers whom the main protagonist, blames for his fathers death and the bullet lodged in his brain. Ably assisted by his new ‘family’ of vagrants including a contortionist, human cannon ball, and various other eccentrics he seeks his revenge on the evil duo. One of whom has a collection of various body parts including a tooth from Marilyn Munro and  an eye from Mussolini  Smile 

Anyway, day two passed by at college interestingly enough with more work on motor theory, magnetic flux and then a dose of ‘power electronics’ in the afternoon. All of which I found riveting on account of its relevance to not only our new ferry but also my own house and renewable energy projects. Much of the theory and practical work being on ‘frequency drives’  which are basically inverters like the ones in my house Smile

A long wait

Four years and three months after the tragic fire at Raasay House

10am it is now almost ready for business.

Mansell construction, the main contractor were offering tours of the almost finished Georgian mansion that has had it’s fair share of troubles this last four years. Almost handed over to the new tenants after a renovation which must have started in I guess 2007 it burnt down, then eighteen months later the contractor who was tasked with rebuilding it went bust Sad smile A further year of delay followed whilst the insurance companies battled it out, a delay which meant that almost all the previous work had to be ripped out and the job started almost from scratch once more Sad smile

The tours had to be arranged with Alan, the site manager and were for small groups but wifey and Jessie managed to get on one yesterday, sadly her batteries went flat in the camera Sad smile but here’s a couple of pictures she sent me last night.


Raasay House 2013 001

This is what used to be the ‘Blue lounge’ and is now a bar, I know, I know, it could be anywhere but wifey says there was furniture and workmen everywhere.


Raasay House 2013 002

This will be the area that was once the ‘Dolphin Cafe’ and is now a restaurant, probably with finest view in the Highlands, or at least it will be if they can stop plonkers parking in front of it Smile That really used to pee me off about the old cafe,  you’d sit there over your meal or drink admiring the sloping lawn down to the Sound of Raasay and Glamaig beyond, then some halfwit would park their car, or worse still minibus right in front of the friggin window. After that they would then usually enter the cafe and admire it Smile

Raasay House 2013 003

The new entrance hall with what looks like a faithful replica of the original marble fireplace, probably from China Smile


Raasay House 2013 005

The balcony room where we spent our wedding night, exactly eight years before the fire.

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