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March 12, 2013

Day one

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Almost midnight and I’ve just woken up Sad smile my first day back at the nautical college and the ‘sleeping draught’ of Weston’s scrumpy has just worn off Sad smile So who knows what time I’ll be awake till now.



Bit of a shock when I awoke this morning to see this, a fine layer of powdery white snow with no sign of any moisture about it,


or for that matter salt and grit. Still, its dry and wispy nature meant that it wasn’t a hazard to pedestrians like myself. Though by the time I’d hobbled to college with my sore knee I was thinking that I’d be taking the car in future Sad smile Bit of a blow that, for it’s the only exercise I get down here, at least on the Finlaggan I’ve got four flights of stairs to climb before I do anything Smile  

Anyway the day at college was interesting enough to prevent slumber and I managed to hitch a lift back to my digs to ease the pain in my knee. I’m seriously peed off with this sore knee carry on, I’ve only just got my back fixed and now my right knee has gone ‘pear shaped’ Sad smile However, once the ‘working’ day was over I called into Boots the chemist where I was relieved of almost £20 for a knee support, ointment and some spray for athletes foot Sad smile I kid you not, I’m a friggin wreck, all these stairs on the Finlaggan and 12 hours plus a day in an air conditioned steel box wearing safety boots have played havoc with my feet Sad smile



Not only that but the sunsets here aren’t half as inspiring as the ones at home Sad smile


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How I hate being in the city Sad smile

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