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March 4, 2013

VAT’s away :-)

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21:45 already and after another 45 minutes of wrestling with the laptop I finally got my VAT return away,


though not from where I started it Sad smile Yup that’s right, I’m taking my ‘homework’ to work Smile my cosy little cabin aboard the MV Finlaggan doubling as an office tonight Smile My attempts at home being thwarted last night by the repeated ‘system error’ message and tonight wasn’t much better, though I lost it a couple of times and had to start again Sad smile Still, I can’t blame HMRC for that, just the abysmal phone and internet coverage at Lochmaddy. Why on earth you can’t still do it manually is beyond me, do these clowns not realize that not everyone in the country has reliable internet ??

Back to this morning though, whence, after sorting myself out  I started to prise the teenager out of bed with the aid of the dog. That achieved I bundled him into the Land Rover  and drove to the ferry with the windows down to dilute the smell of deodorant. What is it with teenagers and perfume these days ???



We’d actually set off early so that I could go via the ‘high road’ by the youth hostel in the hope of taking a detour via the new heritage centre. However that particular highway is even worse than Raasay’s other roads, with barely any of the tarmac in it’s two mile length intact Sad smile



Consequently we were too late to go via the heritage centre and passed not a single spot of blue paint on the way, obviously the council aren’t bothering with this stretch Sad smile Just think how many potholes £9000 would have filled Smile



Not that this shag is caring about the roads, all he wants is a bit of peace and quiet Smile There he was perched on top of Pig Island having a wee rest after some strenuous fishing by the ferry terminal.


But just look what was in the queue at Sconser Smile Smile a tar lorry, yipee, OK, they’re only over for two days, so will barely scratch the surface, but it’s a start.


The waiting room was getting bigger



and the ‘walls from Donegal looking lovely Smile

Anyway, I went to Kyle for a dentists appointment which meant that I couldn’t join the Finlaggan until 13:40, so after having my teeth checked, polished and receiving a lecture I went back to Raasay for an hour. I thought it was about high time I visited my friend Jessie Nicolson and had a cup of tea Smile



So that was it really, I saw Sconser once more, joined my ship and buried myself in the engine room.

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