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January 12, 2013

Eye eye :-( or too many hospitals :-)

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Stop the world, I want to get off Smile I’m sure there’s plenty of readers that travel much further than I have done of late and cope with it admirably. I’m sure 400 miles in a day is nothing to most people in the ‘real world’ but to me it might as well be the moon and back.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered I’ve not been ‘on line’, or at least on here for a while, and no it’s not because I’ve been out of reception or my satellite link has failed again. No it’s been because I’ve not actually been able to look at the computer screen for anything more than a few minutes and I’ve been ‘on the go’ since Wednesday. ‘Jumping ship’ at 18:00 on Wednesday to go to a hospital appointment 200 miles away in Golspie. The highlands may surely be beautiful but you can end up seeing far more of them than you like just to get an injection Sad smile Still it was specialist one in my back and I knew from past experience that it would bring me relief, for a few weeks at least. Of course had I lived on Skye or the mainland then I could have just set off early Thursday morning, but my taxi was on Raasay and me shuttling around the ‘Uig Triangle’ aboard the MV Finlaggan. Wifey had to drive me as I couldn’t   for 24 hours at least, perhaps longer, so it was a case of me meeting her off the last sailing from Raasay then staying a night with my parents on the mainland.

So far so good, but that thwack in the left eye I received on Sunday was now becoming more of a concern than my back, as any sudden brightness was causing me acute pain in it Sad smile  So at 7:00am we left my parents and arrived at the Lawson Memorial Hospital just in nice time for my 10:00am appointment.

009  011

A lovely little Victorian affair on the A9 that has the distinction of having treated John, Yoko and Julian Lennon after a car accident and is now a centre for chronic pain relief in the lower back.






The last four pictures not actually taken by me Smile



As soon as I was admitted arrangements were put in place for a GP to see me about my eye and sure enough after having various needles stuck deep into my sacroiliac joint I saw a doctor, who needless to say was quite concerned and booked me into Raigmore hospital some 50 miles away.


Normally this would have initiated ‘whoops of joy’ but the appointment was at 14:30 and we were 2.5 hours from Sconser Sad smile Another night away would have set off all sorts of complications on the pig and hen front.

However much to my delight I was seen quickly and efficiently, despite what looked like a packed and chaotic eye clinic and was on my way at 15:40 with a good chance of getting home, just. A diagnosis of a bruised and inflamed eyeball had me leaving with two lots of eye drops that gave instant relief and my eye looking less bloodshot by the hour.

eye eye

And that will be it fixed Smile

The slab is poured

My day of planned R&R went pear shaped even before Friday arrived, for on getting home I’d a message saying the oil tanker was coming over to Raasay. A long bout of swearing followed as I’d left the Land Rover at the south end because I was unfit to drive and I’d nothing (apart from a quad) with a tow bar on. This would mean a drive south in the Nissan to collect Landy, a drive back up for trailer and barrels, then a drive back down and a drive back up then another drive back down and up at 16:00 to collect the Dude from school Sad smile Normally it wouldn’t have been an issue but I’m once more heading south to Tyneside next week and a few hundred litres of diesel would have eased my conscience at leaving wife and child once more. Building work is now in full swing at the new house and it will probably mean that the generator will be starting to cope with the extra loads and I’ve now switched the oil stove onto diesel instead of kerosene to keep things simple for wifey whilst I’m away.

Bearing all the travelling up and down our suspension destroying roads after Thursday’s 400 mile trek I just decided to ‘chance it’ or more accurately leave wife and child to ‘chance it’ whilst I was 400 friggin miles away in South Shields once more Sad smile



However, Friday’s early morning roar of diesel engines behind the house indicated the arrival of


and yet more plant at the new house site.



Not only had Lachie, Donald and Angus arrived to ‘pour the slab’ but they’d brought a trailer Smile A trailer and Ford Ranger to tow it no less Smile not only that but he kindly loaned it to me to go and meet the tanker at the water treatment plant works.


So off I went with two barrels and managed to get 400lts of diesel that would guarantee the house stayed warm and lights kept burning in my absence Smile


As you can imagine not a great deal was achieved on the rest front Smile though to be honest I did little other than empty the barrels with an electric pump so hardly heavy work.


It was the builders that were grafting, no early Friday finish for them today Sad smile



Though I did wander up just as they left to catch the last ferry in the failing light. Which as you can see is definitely not failing quite so quickly as this would be getting up for 17:00 Smile



The rest of the day, or should I say night was spent doing everything that I’d actually planned to do during the day, that is paperwork Sad smile Lots and lots of it before I head off south again Sad smile


Once the paperwork was finished, or at least abandoned for the evening I settled down in front of the box with wifey and a most welcome gift.


One of six fine red wines sent to me by a good friend and blog reader with a great nose for wine, just admiring the bottles and reading the labels was almost as good as drinking it Smile I know I’ve been resting my liver but it’s the first tipple in a week and was much appreciated Smile

Well Saturday arrived with a surprisingly clear head for half a bottle of ‘The Full Fifteen’, which just goes to show its quality Smile After feeding the pigs I went to try and get to this nest I’d found yesterday



but was too late to get there before the broody hen.


There must have been 36 eggs there so it looks like we’ll be eating a lot of omelettes as some of them could be a couple of weeks old so fit only for our own table Smile Which is just about the only time we get any eggs Sad smile


Another surprise was two of our Soay sheep turning up to be fed for the first time in almost a year, until recently I’d actually thought they were dead, having not set eyes on them for around six months. Definitely going in the freezer these two Smile

Work at Sconser pier

After lots of flapping about packing my bag once more, wife and child took me down to the ferry to see me off, OK, I’d only be gone for two days but probably won’t see my son again for a long while.



Work is well under way at constructing the temporary slipway, as it has been for months Smile



There were even some pegs marking out the position of the new widened one.



However I had to dash off to go and catch my boat.



Which was just arriving as I got to Uig around 40 mins later, that will be me driving the Land Rover, it’s just over half an hour in wifey’s car Smile



He didn’t recognise me, but then it was around fifteen years since I last landed velvet crabs to Sutherland Shellfish Every week their lorry makes the journey to Spain and back full of live shellfish, starting at the out isles it will be back on Skye on Monday then Spain by Wednesday for the markets on Thursday. All will still be live and fresh having made the trip in aerated and filtered saltwater tanks. Even when the lorry is on board the Finlaggan it is supplied with fresh seawater via the fire main.



And that was it, I joined the ship, did a few hours work and then settled down to yet another fine meal before going back down below to ‘help’ Smile It’s now 22:30 in Tarbert Harris and I’m off to my cosy cabin, which seems to have grown a TV in my absence Smile OK, it doesn’t actually work because there’s no aerial lead, but then I’d probably not watch it anyway Smile

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