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December 26, 2012

Happy birthday Charlie :-)

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I can’t really say it’s been a great Christmas for it hasn’t, no parents for the first time in 56 years and father in law only recently deceased. Still mum in law is here and we’re off to see my folks tomorrow so that’ll cheer us all up I’m sure. Anyway, I aint going to dwell on it, for things can only improve, and  life must go on.

Well the forecast for Christmas day was spectacularly wrong, what should have been a nice day with just a light afternoon shower and gentle gentle south westerly’s turned into pishing rain and half a gale Sad smile Still at least it stopped me going out and doing some work with the digger and dumper Smile



By late afternoon however I could contain myself no more and just had to get out of the house so grabbed Molly and Charlie to go and have a look up the hill at the water supply. It’s the first time I’ve seen the new house foundations from so high and I’m really pleased with how it’s looking, with a little luck our next Christmas will be in there.

After that we went down to the ‘Stream Engine’ hydro turbine to switch on the largest nozzle for extra power. Normally my ‘three penstock’ system does this automatically but we’ve had so much spare power of late that I turned off the largest one some weeks ago. Quite simply the house was getting too hot with all the electric radiators on and the oil stove too. Sadly we have no other option for heating the water than the stove so we have to keep that going for some of the day at least. Dumping spare power into the hot water cylinder would be the answer but that means altering wiring and plumbing, so not really worthwhile with the house on the market .

I just love going down to the ‘secret cove’ where my turbine is and having my turbine shed there gives me a good excuse Smile Once down there and sheltered a little from the worst of the weather I opened the largest nozzle on the turgo  turbine .


You can see from the colour of the water that it’s not been used for a while, this immediately boosted the output by 10amps, which at 55v is a good 500w, or around 12Kwh per day. More than enough to power the fairy lights and roast the dinner without us having to turn off any of the heating Smile


It really is beautiful down there, even in pouring rain and a good hash of wind, bit of a midge trap in the summer right enough but well worth a look if you’re ever ‘oop north’ Smile Just follow the blue and black pipes to the shore, but do be careful, it’s quite a cliff to fall down if you go the wrong way.



Map picture
Map picture

Wow, I just spotted our barn, road, and house site have made it onto Bing Smile Looks like it was taken in June or July judging by the position of pig arks, wood pile and caravan Smile Funny because I checked it in Holland and it was still the old images.

Anyway, after that it was feeding time Smile


Aint they cute Smile

The Christmas dinner has been postponed until Saturday when we hope to have more family around us to share the turkey so we opted for a pot roasted joint of beef with all the trimmings. Not very traditional I know, but the Dude did the Yorkshire pudding mix and I did roast spuds just as mummy showed me, and boy are they good. I boils them for a few minutes then drain off the water and spuds into a colander, put several glugs of olive oil in the pan along with lots of finely chopped rosemary. Then I put the spuds back in the pan, put on a tight fitting lid, hold onto it tight and give them all a good shaking about and bruising. Once the potatoes are nicely bashed and covered in olive oil and rosemary I put them in a baking tray and cook at 200 for 40mins, yum yum Smile 

Boxing Day

Now today the forecast was right, not that I was up early enough to really appreciate it, for I never stirred until after 9:00 Sad smile 



Then it was almost half an hour before I ventured forth to feed everyone on a morning that was filled with the anticipation that I might actually get something done Smile


So I ventured forth, feed bucket in hand, under the watchful eyes of a hind about half a mile away Smile



Directly above ‘Calum the road’s’ house on the croft opposite she weighed me up as if I was in the next field.



Having fed everyone I managed to get a couple of dumper loads of rock before breakfast



spotting a couple of bonny stags on the way.



This fine gent with nine points


and this only slightly less majestic ‘eight pointer’. Both of them in ‘tip top’ condition and totally unconcerned as I growled by in the Perkins powered six ton dumper Smile


Quite how these ‘silly sheep’ got there, or more to the point how they’re going to get out of there escapes me but they were on the other side of Loch Arnish munching seaweed as I drove to and from Tarbert Smile



Whilst the sheep were chewing sheweed in the shade on the southside, Torran was bathed in sunshine on the north Smile

After lunch wifey and I cleaned out the pigs, changed their bedding and cut some more,


the use of feed bags to carry it arousing the interest of Ellie Smile Normally I’d use the quad trailer but my pile of rocks in front of the gate prevented me from driving in with it Sad smile Finished by 14:30 we all went for a walk along the track to visit friends at Torran Schoolhouse before winding up daylight by feeding everyone and collecting the eggs.




Another two days to go to the full moon but you’d never have guessed that at 16:30 this Boxing Day night.



Speaking of Boxing Day, it will be Charlie’s second birthday today.


You just wouldn’t believe that that smooth haired little pup (2nd from bottom) could have turned into that long haired scruff in the picture, but he did and he was two today Smile


boxing day

Anyway, that’s it, I’m just going to leave you with the weather, have a bath and then veg in front of the fire with the family Smile


boxing day 2

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